Vego Garden Vs Birdies | The Expert Verdict

Isn’t it beautiful when you walk through the serenity of your garden and let ataraxia flow through your body when the flora embraces you like a warm duvet? Gardening is symbolic of new beginnings and growth. Moreover, it’s a fun activity to carry out with your friends and family! However, you’d like all your hard work to reap benefits, and that’s only possible if you take proper cautionary steps. You are giving your plants the right amount of fertilizers and using the right equipment to promote healthy growth.

Vego Garden Vs Birdies

Garden beds are essential to elongate the growing season of plants. This promotes the harvest of more crop production, which benefits the farmers and uplifts the economy. If you install a garden bed in your plantation area, chances are you’re seeing that your plants are much healthier due to the raised beds. In this article, we look at what the experts say about Vego Garden Vs Birdies and find your best choice!

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Vego Garden Vs Birdies | Which One’s The Best Bet?

Vego Garden and Birdies are the top contenders in the gardening products industry. They have been evaluated on multiple metrics, such as the hardware material, panel tensile strength, support kit availability, and more, by experts in the industry. They’ve stood firm against the ravages of the time because their quality of service is unparalleled compared to other competitors.

Vego Garden Vs Birdies

Birdies are one of the top Australian manufacturers and original distributors of gardening products. They have a wide range of products to offer as a part of their production menu. However, their quick assembly of Australian-grown timber beds wins the bet. Vego products, on the other hand, have been in the market for a lesser time.

Despite being a relatively new organization in the United States of America, they revolutionalized the garden equipment game by designing the first-ever garden bed with non-toxic USDA-approved paint. So, the hour is finally here – it’s time for a showdown between the two!

Vego Garden Vs Birdies | The Similarities

The garden beds from both Vego Garden and Birdies share a common attribute – sufficient, well-planned bed height. If the beds aren’t raised enough, the transplantation process will take a long time and limit your growing season. The air in underground soil is different from that above the ground. The levels of carbon dioxide differ, which is a crucial factor in harboring good plant health and growth.

The raised height of the beds allows the soil to be above the ground, facilitating good drain capacity. Moreover, this leads to the prevention of permanent wilting that is caused due to excess soil water content by appropriately warming up the surface layer. The height of the beds also matters when you must plant, tend, and harvest your plants yourself. Moreover, even then, the thickness dimensions of the panels are the same for both brands.


Vego Garden manufactures garden beds that go up to the height of thirty-two inches, while Birdies have limited it to just thirty inches. This may be because Birdies designs the products based on the requirements of their Australian patrons’ land, where the height limit of thirty is sufficient. However, Vego Garden takes a toss when it comes to the section of area coverage. While a Birdies’ thirty-inch garden bed has a planting area of 24.78 square feet, Vego Garden’s beds cover only 22.75 square feet.

The packaging for the above models comes with 12 panels for Vego Garden and 10 boards for Birdies. The panel material is of utmost importance to someone who wants their garden beds to last long. Vego Garden uses ZAM along with farming painting for panels. ZAM is an amalgamation of Zinc, Aluminum, and Magnesium. European standard EN10346-2015 called these three metals the masters of corrosion resistance. This ternary alloy makes sure the panels don’t rust even after years.

Vego garden 32" Extra Tall Raised Garden Bed Kits, 10 in 1 Modular Raised Planter Box for Vegetables Flowers Fruits Oval Metal Raised Garden Bed- British Green
  • Modular Design: Vego Garden raised bed kits feature an innovative modular design, which means you can assemble a kit into various configurations that fit any backyard or garden space in a 10-in-1 kit, you can build one of 10 possible configurations to fit your garden plans
  • Better Material: We have combined a Zinc, Magnesium, and Aluminum coated steel with our award-winning and USDA approved AkzoNobel paint to develop a new material which we call VZ 2.0. The first material of its kind is 100% safe, eco friendly, with a long 20+ year life. VZ 2.0’s exceptional performance has been verified at the Texas A&M National Corrosion & Materials Reliability Lab
  • Easier and Safer Installation: No construction knowledge is required with our easy to use raised bed kits, which only require you to assemble the materials and tighten the fasteners; our beds feature an oval design with no sharp corners, along with heavy duty rubber edging to cover the edges providing protection from injury
  • Healthier Roots and Less Bending Down: At 32", the higher depth allows plenty of room for root systems to develop, better water drainage, and soil quality. It also eases the strain of bending down, one primary benefit of gardening in raised beds is that you don’t have to bend down quite as far when tending, weeding, or harvesting your plants
  • Complete System: Vego Garden has aimed to create unified gardening systems that start outside, in your garden, and extend all the way into your day-to-day today life. The team continues to develop more products that enhance the Vego experience, such as cover system, worm composters, arched trellis and wall trellis and so on. Beyond the physical product, education and community are an integral part of the Vego Garden system, we will continue to strive for these values from design to customer

Vego Garden and Birdies use high-quality materials to build their panels and ridges, ensuring safety and resilience. The difference lies in what the material is and where it is sourced. Birdies make timber beds that are Australian-grown. Pinewood and white cypress heartwood are amongst the most commonly-used sources of wood. Cities like Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney are their significant distributors. Vego Garden, on the other hand, uses materials sourced from China, where all the manufacturing also takes place.

The Best Bet

One advantage that Vego Garden has over Birdies is the use of Food Grade 304 steel in the manufacture. This quality standard signifies that the steel is highly resistant to corrosion and less susceptible to heat modification. Moreover, the restriction of chemical panels means that the food you grow using these garden beds remains safe and healthy.

Vego Garden beds also have a larger structure for the same area which means extra raise and protection. Vego Garden also supports free shipping for customers purchasing any garden products from their website. Birdies, however, charge a delivery fee on every item purchased in a tokenized time.

Customer Reviews | Vego Garden Vs Birdies

Vego Garden

Alana Vestas of San Antonia, Texas, says, “The modular design of the Vego Garden bed is truly remarkable. It makes it so easy to create versatile configurations. I started gardening this summer and was looking for ways to strengthen the root system of my tapioca plants. The high depth of the beds does the job for me. It’s a good thing I read the other Vego Garden reviews before buying it, as I knew what I could expect. Let’s say the results surpassed expectations! I can’t wait to try out more tools and products from Vego Garden!”


Hank Vanderwal, a customer of Birdies for the last decade, says, “I’ve been using a Birdies garden bed for over ten years now, and it’s still in perfect condition. Since I installed it, my plantations have had ample time to nurture themselves with the right nutrition. I no longer have to worry about their ill growth due to low sunshine absorption. The customizable design was a unique selling point for me. The Aluzinc alloy was sure of high grade, which was relieving as it meant contamination of food was a no-go. I recommend it to anyone looking for good-quality garden beds.”

Closure | Vego Garden Vs Birdies

To conclude on this Vego Garden vs Birdies battle, we’d say that Vego Garden is a better choice for large areas as its features and discounts are at par with consumer demands. However, if you’re dealing with smaller dimensions and combo kits, Birdies raised beds Europe can be a good fit too. We hope we’ve answered your queries in detail with this one.

Feel free to comment below with your thoughts, opinions, and questions, if any, and we shall get back to you instantly. Until then, happy reading and happy gardening!

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