Rapid Grass Reviews | Reliable Or Not?

A beautiful-looking lawn/garden is achieved when there is even growth of grass in every inch. Rapid Grass may have pointed a direction, but is it efficient enough to give your garden natural grass growth? Patches of grass may not be a significant problem, but it feels uncomfortable and frustrating when you see your lawn/garden with patchy areas and are having trouble filling them with grass seeds. Rapid Grass reviews have a lot to say about the product’s efficacy, so let’s find out.

Rapid Grass Reviews

Rapid Grass Reviews │ An Overview

The Scotts Rapid Grass Sun Shade Mix Seed might have brought a unique solution for the proper growth of grass. Its unique combination of tall fescue seed and fertilizer mix is responsible for showing effective results within a couple of weeks. The company claims that effective results can be noticed within 11 days and 21 days.

The product reviews say a lot and have unfolded many facts that buyers should know about. In contrast, some people were delighted with the outcome, and some faced difficulties getting the desired result. It is yet unclear whether the product is good enough to get its job done, or is it just bogus?

Rapid Grass Ingredients 

The ingredients of Rapid Grass have been kept relatively simple because the product is a combination of tall fescue seed and fertilizer mix. The importance of these ingredients is responsible for bringing out desired outcomes and their efficiency in developing the growth of grass. It is the ingredients that make it worth the money. Let us see how the combination of tall fescue seed and fertilizer mix helps achieve desired outcomes.

Tall Fescue Seeds

Tall fescue seed is a type of seed that belongs to one of the species of bunchgrass native to Europe. These types of grass develop quite long when they are fully developed. Therefore, if your backyard has got a patch, the tall fescue seeds will help fill those patches quickly. These seeds have a great adaptability feature and can withstand climate change. Therefore, its presence in the product helps get you not only the desired result but also offers a great deal of grass quality.

Fertilizer Mix

A fertilizer mixture is a combination of mineral fertilizers and includes significant nutrients or elements that help support the growth and development of the grass. The plants receive essential nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium elements in the fertilizer mix. These elements help the plant grow without any hindrance in its development.

Rapid Grass reviews

The presence of these essential ingredients in Rapid Grass has developed a crucial role in the growth and development of grass. As the company has claimed, the patchy area can be filled within a couple of weeks after using Rapid Grass. However, it also seems an effective solution for the plant to get vital nutrients while growing with the help of different elements like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

How To Use Rapid Grass?

Usage instructions for Rapid Grass are super simple and easy for people. But, to get desired results, it is essential to follow some basic usage instructions. However, following the steps mentioned below should be enough to fill in the patchy areas on your lawn. Use the product during the Fall or Spring season for effective results.

  • With the help of Scotts spreader, apply the Rapid Grass seeds to patchy areas.
  • Regularly water those seeds to keep the soil surface moist until and unless the seedlings go 2-3 inches tall.
  • Weeding (when your lawn has been fully established) the lawn once in a while or mowing can create a great look to your yard.


  • Greener grass gives a gorgeous look.
  • Fast grass growth
  • Ideal for use in areas of sun and shade 

Scotts Turf Builder Rapid Grass Sun & Shade Mix, Combination Seed and Fertilizer, Grows Green Grass in Just Weeks, 5.6 lbs.
  • Grow grass up to 2X times faster than seed alone with Scotts Turf Builder Rapid Grass Sun & Shade Mix (when applied at the new lawn rate, subject to proper care)
  • Revolutionary mix of seed and fertilizer results in full, green grass in just weeks
  • This grass seed mix is for large problem areas in your lawn and establishing new grass
  • Apply this lawn care product in the spring or fall when temperatures are between 60°F and 80°F
  • One 5.6 lb. bag of Scotts Turf Builder Rapid Grass Sun & Shade Mix has a new lawn coverage of 839 sq. ft. and an overseeding coverage of 2,800 sq. ft.


  • The growth of the grass may not be suitable for the all-season type
  • The inconsistent temperature may interrupt the grass growth

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Scotts Rapid Grass Before And After | Real Customer Reviews

Hayley says, “I am amazed after using Rapid Grass. The seed did its job great and enhanced good growth of grass.”

Amber says, “I am happy with the sun and shade mix product. It was difficult to grow grass under one of the trees, but it has worked well with the help of this mix.”

Donalyn says, “The product was a semi-success for me. I started using the product a month ago according to the instructions. I still don’t see any difference, and also, it did not fill in the bare spots.”

Mike says, “The Rapid Grass product worked great for me, and I totally love the product. I used it on smaller bare areas, and within the next 12 days, I witnessed grass growth in those areas.”

Britney says, “The product was a total waste of money. Even after using it for several days, I did not see any grass growth. The rapid grass was a disappointment and was a great failure.”

Looking at Scotts Rapid Grass reviews, it can be justified that the product has got mixed reviews from its customers. Since the product has shown effective results to some, it is worth trying out rather than not considering the product in the first place because it may work out well for you.

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Closure: Rapid Grass Reviews

Rapid Grass attracted a lot of crowds who were facing trouble growing grass in their backyard or their garden. Small areas of patches do not give a look you desire and your garden should have, which is why the need for Rapid Grass arose since the company claims that you can witness effective results within 11 days minimum. A maximum of 21 days is a fair and worthy investment. 

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