Troy Bilt Snowblower Reviews 2023 | Worthy Enough?

Shoveling snow manually can be a hassle and prove to be more challenging than it seems. Especially in states like Vermont and Maine where the average snowfall remains more than a whopping 77 inches. Though excessive snowing will automatically alert local authorities to dig out the snow plowers, using such equipment regularly is a costly affair. Troy Bilt claims to be the ultimate snowblower that will solve all your issues. But what are snowblowers? How should you go ahead with deciding what to look for and finalize the sale? What Troy Bilt snowblower reviews are saying?

Troy Bilt Snowblower Reviews

Primarily, there are three types of snow blowers – single-stage, two-stage, and, for some areas, three-stage. Typically, single or two-stage blowers would suffice for your use, as they can be great for areas with 12-23 inches of snowfall. Considering these alternatives, Troy Bilt Storm 3090 double-stage snowblowers have been deemed to be one of the best alternatives. Keep reading to find out whether these snow blowers will really fit your bill and be handy!

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Troy Bilt Snowblower Reviews | Are They Effective?

This snow blower is manufactured by Troy Bilt, in the United StatesHeadquarted in Valley City, OH. Select Troy-Bilt items are designed, built, and tested right here in the U.S.from Ohio and Mississippi Tennessee, and Arizona. Neither of their snowblowers, however, have been verified by any official or certified bodies. Apart from that, they are powered by their own Troy Bilt 357cc engines with a 4.7 L/5 Quarts capacity. Troy Bilt also has a variety of finance programs, namely their credit card which allows credit card allows you to shop for new Troy Bilt equipment, parts, and accessories with Special Financing. The Troy Bilt Storm 3090 has also been rebranded with a 3-year limited warranty now.

Troy Bilt snowblower reviews

Segmented market research suggests that more than 66% of its users were extremely satisfied with both models. Customers were especially pleased with the durability and upgraded functionality of both models.

All snow blowers last for a minimum of 10 years and Troy Bilt snow blowers are no different. One thing that has been frequently complained about is the availability of parts for both single and dual-stage models. As damages will require prompt servicing, any snowblower left unattended will become defunct. Though you may be able to replace wear items like skid shoes, shear pins, and drive belts, professional help would be needed for more intricate parts. Now, let us proceed and take a look at a few parts and the mechanism of this snowblower. 

Troy Bilt Snowblowers | How Do They Work?

Troy Bilt snowblowers reviews elaborate on why the company is so highly regarded among other competitors. A lot of these reviews equate the single-stage snowblower to other companies’ dual-stage models. Now all of Troy Bilt’s snow blowers or snow throwers, are gas-powered with electronic headlights. Their single-stage snow blowers are the lightest and easiest to handle.

Troy Bilt snow blowers are equipped with features that can only be described as the cream of the lot. D-Track drive system, One Hand operation, self-propelled drive, and electric 4-way chute control are just a few of their game-changing features that change the task of snow blowing from a daunting feat to a quick and easy operation. Included in several Troy Bilt snow blowers, the AugurAssist drive system helps push your snowblower forward while clearing it down to the pavement, allowing you to work faster and saving effort.

Heated grips provide extra comfort and a larger fuel tank allows you to clear large areas faster without stopping to refuel as often. Though nothing specific has been mentioned, they claim their engine starts at the push of a button even in the coldest temperatures, and a wide 30-inch clearing width helps save you time and effort.

Troy Bilt Snowblower Advantages

After going through multiple Troy Bilt snowblower reviews, I came across a few unique selling points. Here are a few of those in brief:

  • One-Hand operation lets you guide your Troy Bilt snowblower with literally one hand, allowing you to adjust the chute, speed, and other controls without disengaging the drive
  • Electric 4-way chute control gives you the ability to control both chute rotation and pitch with just your thumb
  • Self-propelled drive clears large amounts of heavy snow and does all the pushing for you
  • Two-stage technology with serrated steel augers and impeller plows through deeper, heavier snow faster than a single-stage snowblower  

Troy Bilt snowblower

  • Self-propelled drive with a choice of six forward and two reverse speeds.
  • Trigger-controlled power steering allows you to quickly adjust your direction with one finger. 
  • The extended polymer chute design minimizes blowback of snow discharge on the operator.
  • Overhead crank chute control allows you to easily adjust the direction of snow discharge from the operator area so it’s thrown where you want it.
  • The remote pitch control lever allows the operator to change the height of snow discharge from the dashboard
  • In-dash headlight provides improved visibility in low-light conditions

Troy-Bilt Storm 3090 357cc Electric Start 30-Inch Two-Stage Gas Snow Thrower
  • Powered by a 357cc 4-cycle All-Wheel Drive OHV Electric Start gas engine equipped with Touch 'N Turn Power Steering to provide total force in extreme weather conditions
  • Clears large snowy walkways up to 30" wide and 21" deep in one pass
  • Equipped with a Remote Overhead Crank 200 degree polymer chute along, Just One Hand steerable drive system, and heated hand grips for displacing snow with ease and comfort
  • Comes with an in-dash headlight and reflective strips for safer operation in low-light conditions
  • Designed with 16" x 6.5" X-Trac tires provide you with durability to tackle all types of winter conditions

Troy Bilt Snowblower Disadvantages

Despite how posh and user-friendly it may look, a lot of Troy Bilt snowblower reviews point out some recurrent flaws. Let us go through them:

  • Engine starting issues despite servicing
  • The chute gets clogged often and needs frequent cleaning
  • Augers are not made of steel as stated by the developer and are fragile as they are actually made of plastic  
  • Steering control issues

How To Use Troy Bilt Snowblowers?

Gas-propelled snow blowers like Troy Bilt’s version have quite a few do’s and dont’s. Not abiding by these can cause undue damage. Take a look at a few know-hows down below:

  • Fill up the gas tank or plugin an extension for the electric start function 
  • Adjust the height of the anti-skid shoes 
  • Use the left-hand throttle for accelerating and reversing the entire machine and the right for engaging the snowblower
  • Set the vertical height for the chute by adjusting the quick stick on the left side and the direction of the chute head using the right-sided stick. Note that these have notches where the sticks can be placed, akin to a car’s gear so that it doesn’t float either way during an operation.
  • Pull the throttle all the way up
  • Make sure the key for the tank is in and press the primer button thrice
  • Ensure that the grey choke beneath the primer is all the way to the other side
  • Turn on the engine with the red button on the side of the tank
  • If you are using the cord-pulling function, you tug on the cord handle gently to start the machine
  • Once the engine starts to whirr, return the choke to its original position and continue using the machine. 

Precautions/Direction for use 

Make sure the fuel shut-off switch is set to “on” and the tank is full. Also, make sure that you don’t use fuel that has been in the machine for too long. If your snowblower has a throttle, make sure it’s set to 3/4 speed or higher for best results. Set the choke to the full mode when the temperature is cold as it restricts air intake and prevents the machine from freezing up. 

If your snowblower came equipped with a key, insert it into the slot as it will be inoperable otherwise. Remove and check the spark plug for signs of cracks in the porcelain insulator, heavy carbon buildup on the electrode, or a burnt or damaged electrode. Replace the spark plug, if you find damage. If the spark plug is wet with gasoline (which indicates it’s been flooded), clean the spark plug, turn the engine over several times and then reinsert it. Check to ensure that the carburetor isn’t clogged with fuel if the snowblower has been stored for a long time.

Before And After | Troy Bilt Snowblower Customer Reviews

After using Troy Bilt’s double-stage snowblower, Jonah explained, “ I have used this product, 30″, for 3 winters now. I bought it when I had a 455′ driveway and went to a 90′ driveway. It worked great for both. I think the machine is a bit of overkill here in southern WI but I was happy to have it this past winter. It will easily blow the snow 30′ which is about how far my neighbor’s driveway is.”

Renee said, “It turns out that once you get the auger and drive going you only need to hold down the auger one to keep both moving, then I would use the other hand to control the angle. Neither of these is a great solution and some type of geared or non-slip/locking cable mechanism would be an idea. There is probably an even better idea out there.”

Christopher, however, was an unsatisfied customer looking at his Troy Bilt double stage snowblower experience,  “Had trouble from unpacking the unit. The unit comes pretty much put together, except I ran into a problem/missing parts. During shipping, the snowblower comes with the Handle Bar in the down position. When you unfold the handle to the upright position, you have two Wingnuts and two screws on top.

Troy Bilt snowblower customer reviews

That’s great, but you also need two Carriage screws and two locknuts on the lower end of the assembly. Look at the Owners Manual Form 769-10807, Page 6, Figures 2-2 and 2-5. I explained my issue to Customer Service, one picture shows it doesn’t need bottom Carriage screws and nuts, and another picture shows I need the Carriage screws and nuts.” 

FAQs| Troy Bilt Snowblower Reviews

This section will look to address all your doubts regarding this product. Hence we have handpicked a selection of the most common queries to refer to. 

Who Makes the Engines for Troy Bilt Snowblowers?

As we’ve mentioned before, Troy Bilt makes its own snowblowers. However, a company called MTD manufactures Troy Bilt’s engines.

Why My Troy Bilt Snowblower Won’t Start?

Make sure you have followed all the given instructions first. If your snowblower is still not starting try the following things:

  • Inspect the spark plug for signs of wear or damage.
  • Check for a clogged carburetor and try cleaning it with a carburetor cleaner.
  • The flywheel key, a small metal piece that fits into the crankshaft and engages with the flywheel, might have sheared in half. 
  • Check properly for a defective ignition coil.
  • When the starter rope is pulled and released, the recoil spring recoils the starter rope onto a pulley. If the recoil spring is broken, the rope won’t be able to recoil onto the pulley. Check for the same and get a replacement if it is affected.

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How Good Are Troy Bilt Snowblowers?

You can look for Troy Bilt snow blowers on Amazon. Troy Bilt Snow Blowers have quite a few advantages as I have already listed. However, they have a few lapses as well. Now it is completely up to you to weigh the pros and cons and decide whether your hard-earned money will be worth it. If statistics is what you are looking for, Amazon had 38 ratings out of which 17 were five stars.

What Oil for Troy Bilt Snow Blower Should I Use?

Troy Bilt has a curated maintenance set for almost all of its’ products. The Troy Bilt Storm 3090 is obviously no stranger to that. It includes a premium 4-cycle SAE 5W-30 Engine Oil. As that comes with a bunch of other accessories like shear pin and slide shoe kits, it is safe to assume that the same oil works best for Troy Bilt Snowblowers.

Closure | Troy Bilt Snowblowers Review

In this article, I have elaborated on every detail regarding Troy Bilt snowblower reviews. As a consumer myself, I have faced difficulties regarding such reviews and hence I’ve tried to cover as much as possible. I have also ensured that the technical niche is minimal and pitched only in the necessary areas. However, I would still suggest you conduct your own studies as well. You would definitely be assisted by the plethora of information available here but in such cases too much is never a thing. 

Troy Bilt snow blowers may be a bit pricey but they stick to industry protocols and are one of the leaders in the snow plowing business. Customer service and individual parts maintenance seem to be the main areas that they lack by a small margin. Apart from that, they seem to be a prudent solution for all your snow plowing worries!

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