Troy Bilt Lawn Mower Reviews | Worth the Hype?

High expectations do not always don’t have to come with high price tags. The Troy Bilt Mustang Z-Series is one of those machines that the company claims to have been made with all the expectations a garden/lawn lover expects. But is it good enough to mow a lawn? Zero-turn mowers are not just meant to trim but also should be able to offer other kinds of handy features. Only then would such machines be able to grasp the attention of the buyers. The Troy Bilt lawn mower reviews may have revealed unbelievable facts about the machine. Let’s get into it.

Troy Bilt Lawn Mower Reviews

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Troy Bilt Lawn Mower Reviews | What Are The Revelations?

One will find several things different in the Troy-Bilt lawn mowers compared to other brands. But, is it essential whether Troy-Bilt riding mower problems are much more than its advantages? Until and unless you use the product, there is no conclusion about it. Certain revelations about its build quality, design, fuel efficiency, and other extra features have been revealed, which may help you choose the right product. 

It is not just the problems that have been revealed so far, but people have discovered quite a few advantages. Troy-Bilt is one of those companies with a solid reputation in the market only because they could provide well-designed and reliable mowers. But, considering the claims of the company that they might have manufactured one of the best mowing machines in the market, they have kept their prices comparatively lower than any other machines.

Troy-Bilt Riding Mower Problems 

The riding mower machines from Troy-Bilt have brought out several problematic issues to its users, which may have solutions as well. A product’s problems are the first thing one would notice before even buying the product. This is important because it helps in making the right decision. However, let us look at some of the problems faced by Troy-Bilt mower owners.

Mower Unable To Start

One of the most common problems the mower riders have experienced with their Troy-Bilt mowing machine is that they cannot start the engine. Well, quite a few Troy-Bilt mower reviews also have revealed this kind of problem, but there is a solution for it. The problem may be an electrical, fuel, or airflow system. Check your filter in case it has become dirty; clean them first. 

Immediate Loss of Power 

A frustrating issue, yet there is a solution for it. Losing power immediately after mowing your lawn often occurs due to fuel or air restriction problems. Issues like lousy quality fuel and clogged fuel components may be why this problem arises. Fill the fuel tank with fresh fuel and try cleaning air filters and clogged fuel lines. 

Troy Bilt Lawn Mower Reviews

Troy-Bilt Lawn Mower Has Poor Steering Performance

The machine’s performance can be hindered in several ways, especially when controlling features. Users should always be careful with the controls as they may occur due to bad dampers. Also, you might check the tracking adjustment, which might be off, and it might be why you are facing such a problem. 

Troy-Bilt Lawn Mower Advantages 

Like the cons of Troy-Bilt lawn mowers, there are certain advantages of Troy-Bilt machines, which give people a reason to choose their products. Let us look at the significant benefits of a Troy-Bilt lawn mower. 

Easy Access to Air Filter and Fuel Filter

Easy maintenance is one of the critical factors before choosing a model, whether a lawn mower or anything else. Considering the 2012 Pony model of Troy-Bilt, the company decided to keep the air filter and fuel filter just below the hood so that users can have easy access to it. 

Built Strong & Durable

One of the advantages that Troy-Bilt owners would agree with is that the machines have the excellent build quality, resulting in better durability than other machines. The belts, mechanical kinds of stuff, engine, and other things have been made with care so that people do not face any issues. 

Easy Deck Level Adjustment 

The deck level is pretty easy to adjust as the machines come with an adjustment system below just above the deck and below the seat. There is also one adjustment located in the front of the machine (Pony 2012), which makes it easy for the user to adjust. 

Ensure that the after-sale service is of top quality to get the best service from the company. Most people have complained about the service charge charged by the company. Therefore, you need to be careful while asking for maintenance help from the company. 

Troy-Bilt Lawn Mower Attachments/Accessories

  • Grass collectors and the mulching kits
  • Wheel and lawn mower weights
  • Snow clearing attachments
  • Discharge chute deflector 

These attachments, as mentioned above, or accessories can be purchased online. The snow clearing attachments can be bought to turn your mower into a year-round device with the snow-clearing attachments. 

How Does Troy-Bilt Lawn Mower Function?

The Troy-Bilt lawn mower has super simple and easy functions, making it a user-friendly machine on the field. This section will be helpful because it will contain valuable tips to keep your mower running strong. Before doing anything else with your mower, you need to make sure that the mower is on a flat level surface. Once done with the first step, you can start by connecting the battery cables. To do this, remove the red battery terminal cover from the red terminal.

Attach the red cable to the positive terminal and then place the red cap on the positive terminal. While doing this process, make sure that the wrench does not contact any metal. The next step would include removing the black battery terminal cover from the black terminal. Then attach the black cable to the negative terminal. 

Before using the machine, you should always check the engine oil level. Too much of it or too little of it may damage the engine. Fill the fuel tank to start the mower. Make sure that you sit back in the seat because sitting at the edge of the seat may not help in starting the engine. 

Are Troy-Bilt Zero-Turn Mowers Any Good?

Homeowners would understand the benefit of owning a zero-turn lawn mower and how it makes mowing so much easier. However, with different lawn mower brands in the market, it often becomes a difficult decision for homeowners. To answer the question, it would be justified to say that Troy-Bilt Zero Turn mowers are great machines, according to several positive Troy Bilt Lawn Mower reviews.

Reviews for such products have shown both positive and adverse outcomes of owning a Troy-Bilt mowing machine. Other brands in the market have some cons that customers have to bear. But, one standout feature that the Troy-Bilt zero-turn offers is its durable products. 

Troy Bilt Lawn Mower Reviews

Also, most of the benefits come from the model type because older versions could mow a lawn for about ⅓ acre. The latest power-packed models benefit from mowing 1-3 acre suburban lawns.

Troy-Bilt 21 Mower Reviews From Real Customers

James says, “The machine seemed to be better than I expected it to be. The setup is too simple, and maintaining the machine is super easy. I think this is the best purchase I have ever made.”

Margaret says, “I am in love with the Troy-Bilt lawn mower. The bag provided by the company is a perfect size. I have an acre of lawn, and I only have to empty 3-4 times.”

Britto says, “The machine shuts off every minute or sometimes even less than a minute. I do not know why this is happening, but this is becoming very frustrating for me.”

Prepa says, “I cannot remove the gas cap without assistance. I have to call for service every time I need to change/replace the gas cap; I have to call for service? Like seriously. Disappointed with it.”

Peter says, “The mower is a great one, but the only hiccup is that the bag is too small.”

Frequently Asked Questions | Troy Bilt Lawn Mower Reviews

Who manufactured the Troy-Bilt Mower?

Troy-Bilt mowers are built in Tupelo, Mississippi, Martin, Tennessee, and in Willard, Ohio. Each of the factories located in these places makes specific products.

Which is the best gas for a Troy-Bilt lawn mower?

The Troy-Bilt mowing machines use unleaded gasoline with no greater than 10% ethanol. The significant percentage of ethanol in the gas would not benefit the engine.


The Troy-Bilt lawn mower reviews have showcased several reasons why one should choose products from them. But, you should constantly evaluate your options before selecting a particular product, especially when it comes to the zero-turn mowers segment. Troy-Bilt riding mower problems may arise at some point in time, but as per the company’s claims, the maintenance is lower than other brands in the market. 

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