John Deere Z335e Reviews: True to its Claims?

Wondering why John Deere Z335e is stirring up a storm online? Read on as we elaborate on this product’s various aspects and dimensions with some genuine John Deere Z335e reviews! 

John Deere Z335e Reviews

If I mention a lawnmower, you’re likelier to think of a wheelbarrow-like contraption with cylindrical blades on one end. However, that view of lawnmowers has long since been widened to a variety of models. Most of these models have versatile car-like seating facilities with well-placed control panels for the user’s convenience. In fact, American consumers have been quite active in availing the services of lawnmowers.

According to this report, the U.S. lawn mower market by revenue has a projected growth of CAGR of over 4% during the period 2019-2025. This boom has primarily been the result of an increase in backyard gardening, maintenance of residential green spaces and green roofs. Having covered that, let us move to what lawnmowers are and what you should look for while buying one.

Over 15 kinds of lawnmowers are available, each with its own tailored list of functions. While zero-turn mowers like the John Deere Z335e are all-round performers, rear engine riding mowers are more suited to moderately sized lawns. Referred to as the Ferrari of lawnmowers by a host of users, John Deere Z335e lawnmowers could be your go-to option. Keep scrolling to know more and decide whether these lawnmowers are your cup of tea!

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John Deere Z335e Reviews| Does It Work?

This lawnmower is manufactured by the company John Deere in Greeneville, Tennessee, USA. Despite having no reviews conducted by authorized organizations, sustainability, and employee welfare seem to be their primary concerns. Pertaining to the same, you can look up their Sustainability Report and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Report. Apart from that, they are powered by low-fuel, air-cooled M40 Intek engines.

John Deere has a variety of discounts as well as free delivery services when buying from a local dealership. Separate parts like mulching heads, rotary cutter attachments, etc are also available for sale on the website. These equipment types come with their built-in universal, self-cleaning Quik-Tatch™ easy-attachment system. Bumper-to-bumper warranty for the machinery is another important highlight of their repairing services.

Market analyses revealed that more than 88% of its users were delighted with its usability. Customers were especially pleased with how the machine required only a few tweaks to perform well and the overall comfort of operation.

All lawn mowers last for a minimum of 8-10 years and all John Deere Z335e reviews point out similar longevity. However, as far as lapses are concerned customers have complained about fuselage leaks and rusty interiors. In this aspect, the company does provide prompt servicing.

Replaceable parts include the mower tire, deck belt, and mower decks but items like ignition switches and spindles are also available. Now, let us proceed and take a look at a few more components as well as the mechanism of this lawnmower. 

john deere z335e parts diagram
John Deere Z335e Parts Diagram

John Deere Z335e | How Does It Operate?

You’re probably wondering how it works if you’ve not referred to any other John Deere z335e reviews. Like Simplicity snowblowers, these lawnmowers also make use of 20HP Briggs & Stratton 655cc 2-cycle gasoline engines.

They are controlled by lap bars in the front seat, which facilitate the dual hydrostatic transmissions at the rear wheels. Such a design means that, unlike other rideable mowers, they offer unmatched movability.

They can pivot, make sharp turns, and provide an excellent all-round cutting performance. Zero-turn mowers can get much closer to obstacles than other ride-on mowers, being able to cut tightly against landscaped edges, which will result in more calculated finishing on most lawns.

Their steering ability makes for a more efficient mowing experience, especially on lawns of irregular shapes. Typically, they are the easiest to operate among all lawnmowers, with the capacity to cut the most grass in the shortest space of time.

John Deere Z335e Advantages

After going through multiple John Deere Z335e reviews, I came across a few unique selling points. Here are a few of those in brief:

  • Powerful V-twin engines
  • The power Take-Off (PTO) clutch is easy to operate and manage with its dash-mounted control. 
  • Refueling is more accessible as the LED indicator automatically alerts users. 
  • Combined usability with the MowerPlus™ app and connector
  • Electronic ignition for fast starts

John Deere z335e advantages

  • Cast-iron sleeves for longer engine life
  • Overhead valves for excellent power and fuel economy
  • Full-pressure lubrication and oil filter for keeping the oil cleaner for a long engine life
  • 4.97-in. (12.6-cm) deep deck shell for optimum mowing, mulching, and bagging performance; also prevents debris buildup 
  • 1-in. (2.5-cm) axles for greater strength

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John Deere Z335e Problems

Despite how advantageous it may look, a lot of John Deere Z335e reviews point out some vital blemishes. Though most of these are part-centric, a few of them can be problematic to the consumer on an everyday basis:

  • An opaque plastic gas tank that does not allow any visual checking of fuel whatsoever
  • The mower deck has a slight metallic locking key which may be hard to use
  • The mower deck does not give too much space for cleaning the primary disk and bearings  
  • V-shaped locks to switch the mower to its walk-behind mode are too small to notice.  
  • The seat does not have a latch-on and may crack at the top carelessly if slammed against the deck.

John Deere z335e problems

How To Use John Deere Z335e?

The John Deere Z335e, as I’ve mentioned before, has tons of tiny installations you may not notice. But each of these is important if you want to know how to get it functioning to its best capabilities. Not abiding by these can not only hamper the machine but cause personal injury as well. Take a look at a few instructions given below:

  • Pull out the oil dipstick situated on one side of the engine and clean it before re-inserting it 
  • Check for the fuel using the canister-shaped LED on the edge of the throttle. 
  • Position the stuck throttle to the mid-level and then crank it until it starts
  • Set the ignition to on. This is a pretty straightforward key-and-lock ignition so it should be easier to read. 
  • Adjust the mower deck after releasing the deck key and re-attaching it to the desired divot. Now lower or heighten the cushioned lever to move the whole deck accordingly.   
  • Ensure that the orange-colored emergency brake is positioned up before starting the machine.
  • The main handles for accelerating and reverse need to be turned outwards or else the engine won’t start. 
  • Start the PTO by pressing the switch.
  • To move forward and backward, push both the handles in the respective directions; to move leftwards, push down on just the right handle and vice versa.
  • In case you’re having trouble using the mower refer to this video down below!

Highlights | John Deere Z335e Customer Reviews

After using the John Deere Z335e lawnmower, Kurtis said, “I have a John Deere Z335E. It is highly maneuverable. It mows way faster than a tractor-type rider, and you can add a hitch to it. You can mow right up to the edge of flowerbeds, trees, etc. As close as a push mower will mow. The mulch kit is extra, but it completely eliminates the need to bag a lawn.

That thing turns mountains of leaves into dust. I finish mowing 3/4 of an acre in about an hour. But if I am in a hurry, I can do a decent knockdown in about 20 minutes. I went from a $200 push mower to a zero turn and I have never regretted spending the money. That thing saves me 3 hours of my weekend every week, 9 months of the year. Mowing is faster, leaf cleanup is more immediate, no raking anymore. Totally worth the money.”

John Deere z335e customer reviews

Another user, Chris, said about the John Deere Z335e lawnmower, “I don’t know where to begin… This machine is fantastic! It is a very comfortable machine to use weekly, I enjoy cutting my grass with the Z335E. It is effortless to make a lovely pattern and can be done quickly. This machine has a lot of different cutting heights which is super friendly when you need to cut low or keep it long.

Also, I haven’t scalped my lawn even though it is very uneven in spots, I like to think it’s due to the lovely deck, which keeps an even cutting height. Also, I did buy the brush attachment to give my yard some beautiful stripes! (part #LP63763) Overall I love this machine and would recommend it to anyone!”

John Deere z335e reviews

However, another buyer named Tyler was not as impressed with the model as he exclaimed, Love John Deere but not from Lowes. Even though my Zero-turn is brand new, my zero-turn mower was muddy, dirty, and full of rust. Still trying to get a replacement. Just invested almost $3000, and expected a lot better condition. When a customer buys a brand new product, they expect it to be nice, clean, and most importantly rust-free.”

FAQs | John Deere Z335e Reviews

This section will look to clear all your doubts about the John Deere Z335e. Get started with the carefully handpicked queries we have answered below to get all your doubts answered! 

How to Start John Deere Z335e?

As I have explained earlier, the John Deere Z335e is pretty easy to operate and start once you go through the controls. Once you’ve done that, fill your tank and make sure it has enough to last you for your desired session. Then set your e-brakes down, release the handles to the outward position, and prime your ignition. Lastly, switch on your PTO and you should be good to go!

What Oil for John Deere Z335e Should I Use?

The home maintenance kit for the Z300 series of John Deere lawnmowers comes with a TY22029 10W30 Engine Oil Quart. However, SAE 30 or SAE 40 is recommended for Z300 series motors. AMSOIL Small Engine Synthetic 10W-30 or 10W-40 can replace straight 30 or 40-weight oils. Deere suggests changing the Z300 Series engine oil every 50 hours or yearly (whichever comes first).

Is the John Deere Z335e a Good Mower?

The Z335e from John Deere lawnmowers is rated as a Consumer Reports Best Buy product. Consumer reports also assigned it a score of 83, which is pretty decent for any product. Apart from that the sheer amount of parts and replacement units available on Amazon is testimony to its popularity.

Where Can I Find the John Deere Z335e for Sale?

You can look up the John Deere Z335e Ztrak Mower with 42-in. Deck on their website. Amazon has a plethora of parts available in case you opt for self-servicing. Machinio has a few second-hand models that you may go for in case you have a budget crunch. We suggest a budget of a little more so that you can buy the mulching kits and the mower. tractorhouse is another online retailer with farming equipment on sale and you may even get a few discounts here.

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In this article, I have tried to cover as much information regarding John Deere Z335e reviews as I can. As a buyer, I empathize with the struggles other people may have while browsing for such target-specific equipment. With that in mind, I have partitioned the data into sections to help you look for them quickly. I have also ensured that the technical niche is minimal and pitched it only in the necessary areas. However, as always, I would suggest you conduct your studies.  

John Deere z335e lawnmowers are slightly pricier alternatives if you consider the maintenance and mulching kits, but they abide by industry standards. Prompt servicing and the inability to issue consistent parts seem to be the main areas that they lack by a small margin. Apart from that, it seems an excellent little solution for all your lawn mowing escapades!

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