Discussing All Spartan Mower Problems In 2023

Cutting the grass in your lawn or garden is an essential part of gardening. And to perform this work with perfection, you will need a good quality mower that will last long and perform exceptionally well when put to use. The Spartan mower is one of the most famous mowers for this work. While the mower has given excellent results to its users, there are some Spartan Mower Problems that cannot be left unseen.

Spartan Mower Problems

This blog will discuss these Spartan Mower problems and provide accurate solutions to fix them. These will be the most commonly occurring problems and might be troubling you for long. Don’t worry because you’re not alone in this; we are here to save you!

Spartan Mower Problems | Here’s The Solution!

The Spartan mower has been known to perform amazingly well in its job, but there are certain issues that you might face when using it regularly. But before discussing the problems, let us know about this beast of a machine in detail.

Overview of the Spartan Mower

The Spartan mower is one of the industry’s finest and most widely purchased machines. This is a zero-turn mower on which you can easily sit and efficiently cut the grass, with many features available to make the work easier. The Spartan mower comes with an adjustable cutting blade system that you can use to cut the grass on every corner of the land finely. You can even use it to wipe off the grass where obstructions and obstacles exist.

Another efficient feature of the Spartan mower is its excellent brake system that provides excellent control over the mower to work smoothly for long hours.

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The Spartan mower comes in three models: the RT series, the RZ series, and the SRT series. An SRT-HD series is also available that is efficient for cutting hard grasses by providing additional power. The latest model of the spartan mower is the SRT Pro Kohler model, which is available for a low price and efficient work capacity.

Since we now know about the Spartan mower, let us discuss some problems faced when using it.

Problem 1: Starting Problems

One of the most common problems that users face is the mower not getting started properly. This can be because of a dead or discharged battery of the mower, a disrupted air filter that might not be letting the air pass through easily, or there can be a fault in the wiring of the mower. These problems can occur depending on the age of the mower and how rigorously it is put to work.

A few users also told us that the starting problem occurring frequently was because of a faulty LCD circuit board. In some instances, fixing the LCD circuit board would fix the issue for some time, but the problem arose again after a few days.

Problem 2: Uneven Cutting of Grass

Another frequent issue users experience is that the mower does not cut the grass evenly in all places. This problem can be due to a few reasons. The prime reason for this problem’s frequent occurrence is that the blades of the mower might have gone blunt if they are being used for a very long time.

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The second common cause of this issue may be if the tire pressure is uneven in the mower, as the mower might get bent more towards a particular side. However, uneven cutting can also happen if you have not cleaned the mower’s deck for a very long time, as grass particles keep accumulating with the mower’s constant working.

Problem 3: Excessive noise from the mower

If you have an old Spartan mower, there have been many instances when it starts abruptly making a lot of noise. While there is no fixed reason behind this problem, there is undoubtedly something wrong with the mower. The blades of the mower may have gone loose with time. The loosening of the blades might be causing this noise. However, there can be many other reasons behind the noise.

We suggest that if you hear excessive random noise from the mower, do not use it further ahead before getting it fixed. Any defective part inside the mower can even cause a safety threat to the operator.

Problem 4: Keypad not working properly

The next problem frequently faced by users is that the keypad stops working abruptly or doesn’t work smoothly. This is a major problem that should be looked at by the manufacturers. The key reason behind this problem is that the mower cannot withstand nature’s harsh effects. The problem with the keypad generally occurs when the mower is left out in the open and gets affected constantly by rain or snow.

The Spartan manufacturers must look after this issue and make the mowers capable of withstanding the harsh effects of nature.

Problem 5: Power Issues

This is a less referred-to problem relating to the mower, but many customers recently came up with an issue that the Spartan mower produces less power while cutting the grass as compared to other mowers. Although there are different opinions on this problem, some people think that the mower is more powerful than the other mowers, while others may not.


Possible Solutions to the Spartan Mower Problems | Spartan Mower Problems

The above-stated problems were some of the most frequently faced issues reported by Spartan customers. While there can be different reasons behind these problems, here are some general solutions you can try to fix these problems. But even after trying these solutions, the issues might still need to be fixed. If this happens, we recommend contacting the manufacturer and resolving the issue immediately.

Constant Cleaning of the Deck

With time, the grass particles and other dirt particles keep accumulating on the mower’s deck. This can cause the mower to stop working smoothly. So, you must keep a check on the constant cleaning of the mower. This would not only increase the life of the mower but also keep it working smoothly and efficiently.

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Tightening the Blades

The blades are the most important part of the mower. These are the most used part of the mower; thus, they get degraded with time. They also get loosed with constant use. So, it would be best if you tightened these blades constantly. Do not wait for the mower to show defective symptoms; rather, keep checking it regularly to avoid any unwanted defects.

Keep the Tire Pressure Perfect

Keeping the tire pressure maintained is an important part when using a mower. If the tire pressure is not constantly monitored, it might cause the uneven cutting of grass or other unwanted defects in the mower. So, maintain the pressure of the tire equally to keep the mower working smoothly.

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FAQs | Spartan Mower Problems

Are Spartan mowers good for commercial use?

Yes, the Spartan mowers are specifically made for commercial use. Thus, you can use all of its versions for commercial use with ease.

What are the engines used in the Spartan mowers?

The Spartan mowers have strong and heavy-duty engines. These are the Kawasaki engines that give life to the mower. While different mowers use engines of varying power, they are all from Kawasaki.

How often should we change the oil in the Spartan Mower?

According to the manufacturers, you must change the mower’s oil after the duration of every 100 hours. This is an important factor, as ignoring it might seize the engine.


Although people have witnessed a few problems while using Spartan mowers, it is still recommended and one of the most trusted machines for hardcore grass-cutting. The mower only demands constant maintenance and will keep serving you efficiently.

That is all you need to know about the mower’s problems. You can also try the mentioned solutions to not only fix the problems but also increase the life of your Spartan Mower.

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