Power XL Juicer Reviews | An Ideal Kitchen Must-Have?

With the warm season right in front of us, keeping yourself hydrated from rich vitamins is essential. But you are nowhere near making juice, and you already seem to have cut yourself from all the slicing up of veggies and fruits. A practical and handy juicer will solve all the fuss right away! You have often thought of getting one but couldn’t help but drown in the confusion of too many options. Lift your spirits, for we are here with some good news. According to the Power XL Juicer reviews, the juicer claims to unburden you from the stress of dicing and chopping. 

Power XL Juicer Reviews

Solely concerned with providing you with premium quality service, this centrifugal juicer is a must-have, especially for a beginner. The self-cleaning machine makes the job faster without exhausting you and promises you a high-yield quantity. You don’t need to spend unnecessarily on options you aren’t sure of; instead, this one comes with a self-cleaning function. But should you believe it? Is there any truth to all this? Let us dive right in to find out!

Power XL Juicer Reviews | A Must-have In Your Kitchen?

Famished from all the running in the scorching heat and coming back home to a beautiful glass of fresh mixed fruit juice! Sounds enchanting. But you are brought back to reality when you realize all the tiresome effort you will have to give into cutting, peeling, and chopping the fruits. Does it have to be this way anymore? We don’t think so!

While most of us love to be refreshed at intervals, the thought of PREPARING juice bleeds us dry of any energy. Having the Power xl juicer at your disposal earns you the pleasure of having an enlivening burst of fresh fruits anytime you want, at any time of the day. The powerful Power xl Juicer comes with a 1.3 horsepower to pamper your taste buds with seamless juice in just seconds. 

The Power xl Juicer price confirms it is well-wishing the means of people and they needn’t worry about being left out in the crowd. The centrifugal juicer machine has a self-cleaning tool consisting of a wiper-like structure and saves you by scraping out any food particles lying there. It’s time you indulge in this newfound pleasure and make yourself some excellent juice!

How To Use Power XL Juicer?

  • Turn the speed regulator to the optimum speed you desire
  • Allow the motor to run initially for some seconds. 
  • Put the selected ingredients down the chute.
  • Apply a little force to push them down with the help of the pusher
  • Make sure to place a large bowl or jar below the tap as the juice will start flowing. 
  • The fruit/vegetable pulp will collect at the pulp collector just below the lid.
  • After you have finished, rotate the non-dripping spout upwards to prevent any excessive drops from spilling onto the kitchen counter.
  • Savor the mouth-watering juice!


  • Non-dripping spout
  • Easy to use
  • Self-cleaning mechanism
  • Three different speed levels
  • Much faster than traditional juicers
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Larger capacity to accommodate fruits or veggies
  • Maximum extraction from pulp
  • Ejects pulp smoothly from outside
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Consumption must be within 24 hours. 
  • Constant cleaning after every use
  • Extremely noisy 
  • Lesser warranty period
  • Juice becomes foamy

Why Should You Buy The Power XL Juicer?

Not because your neighbor bought it! That’s right! Now, who doesn’t like some fresh juice to themselves after hitting the gym hard, or just because you felt like it. Juicers are saviors as they assist in filling the energy gap you have been feeling all day. There doesn’t have to be any reason for making juice. You want it; you make it! The Power xl juicer has trustworthy attributes to make this your final choice. Now you can have that delicious kale juice in no time!

Speed control 

The juicer comes with a variety of speed ranges to suit your needs. You can take full advantage of this extraction technique depending upon soft, medium, and complex kinds of food. 

Spacious chute 

No more worrying about hoarding up extra sliced fruits because they didn’t fit! You read it! The Power xl juicer is precisely up to your expectations. The chute has ample space of 2.5 inches in diameter, where you can tuck in all the desired fruits to juice them out. Their wide accommodation also makes your life easier by reducing the prep time you would have otherwise kept cutting them into smaller pieces. 

Better extraction 

This power xl juicer self-cleaning machine does a commendable job than any other in business by extracting 30 % more. It makes sure to squeeze out all the essential vitamins and micronutrients necessary for consumption. 

Removable and non-dripping spout  

You have got to admit how irritating it is when the juicer spouts drip and end up making your countertops all messy. Not this one, guys! The Power xl juicer has a non-dripping spout which minimizes any chance of spillage and prevents leftover juice from flowing out and ruining your kitchen space. 

Stainless steel blades  

The juicer is prepared from high-quality stainless steel blades which chop smoothly and ensure long-lasting durability.

Customer Feedback | Power XL Juicer Reviews 

Nathan commented, “I brought this juicer after a friend recommended it to me. I must say I am stunned to see how nicely it works. It makes sure to squeeze out the fruits nicely so that none of it goes wasted.”

Gabriela expressed, “Was a complete waste of money. I thought it would self-clean itself, but I saw it was clogged entirely when I opened it. I had to clean every bit. Very exhausting! Not going to repurchase this.”

Sandra pinned, “This juicer has been a lifesaver, I must say! I am an athlete and seldom require fluids to keep myself healthy. This solved all my troubles. I can have fresh and plump juice every day now at ease!”

Power xl Juicer reviews

Florina said, “My experience with juicers hasn’t been excellent earlier. I always have issues putting a lot of fruits and taking them out at last as they won’t fit. This case is the opposite! The opening is vast, and I don’t have to worry about it anymore.”

Jason expressed, “Got this as a gift on my birthday, and I have to say, I love it! It reduces your preparation time to a great extent. Loving this purchase!”

Natalie shared, “I wasn’t a big fan of juicers until I brought this one home! A big yes to this one!”

Karen expressed, “It makes a lot of noise which is disturbing to ears. I recommend going for a juicer which makes less sound.”

FAQs | Power XL Juicer Reviews

Does the Power XL Juicer self-clean?

This is not entirely correct. You will have to clean the juicer to some extent. The self-cleaning tool comes in the form of something like a windshield wiper. It is solely concerned with scrubbing any food particles clogged in the inner mesh. However, this won’t solve your problem, as there will be a lot of pulp and fruit fibers stuck at the top. You will have to use a brush to clean it. The good thing is, the juicer comes with a cleaning brush, so you won’t have to buy it anymore. All the parts are dishwasher safe too!

How much is Power xl Juicer?

The juicer is available at Amazon at ** US dollars, whereas it is fixed at ** US dollars on Walmart.

Is Power xl Juicer good?

The Power xl juicer is worth every penny of it. The machine has been devised with stainless steel blades which enhances the juice preparation process in seconds. It also has other features like a non-dripping spout and a large chute, all of which ensure the preparation is smooth and without any hassle. 

Does the Power xl juicer have any refund policy?

Yes, the juicer does come with a refund policy. The brand claims to provide a full refund of the product within 90 days, provided that the product is in its original packaging intact with the receipt. 

Where to buy a Power xl Juicer?

You can easily avail the Power xl juicer from multiple trusted websites like Amazon and Walmart. Here, there are also exciting discounts present which you can take advantage of. You can also get it at a much lesser price from the official website, where you can directly make the purchase.

What is the juice quality of Power xl Juicer?

The centrifugal juicer machine brings in a lot of air during the juice preparation. This performs the oxidation of the nutrients by breaking them down. As a result, the juice becomes very foamy and paler. Because of this, you should consume the juice within 24 hours itself. However, the taste of juice made from these ultra-speed juicers is no match for a readymade cold-pressed juice.

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How does self-cleaning work in the Power xl juicer?

  • Fill a container with a cup of water and press the self-cleaning button.
  • Press the button three times gently and allow the water to gather into the chute. 
  • The scraper present inside will scrape any remaining pulp.
  • After finishing, open the juicer nicely and clean them.
  • Make sure to clean around the scraper as it moves up to down.
  • Please put them in the dishwasher safe to save time!

Power xl Juicer reviews

If you want to utilize the pulp further, you may take it out from the pulp collector before moving forward with your self-cleaning function. 


Well equipped with facilities like stainless steel blades, non-dripping spout, extra-large chute, the Power xl Juicer reviews are unquestionable! The juicer attends to every basic need you need in one and has proved to have it all in itself, making it an excellent choice for juice lovers. Easy to transport, easy to clean, easy to use, this one has got everything under control. Making smoothies can be your cup of tea now!

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