Ariens Zero Turn Mower Problems (With Solutions)

There are so many different brands and models that choosing the best push mower can be overwhelming. You must have contemplated whether to buy the Ariens Zero Turn Mower or not. But, how do you know if it is right for you? First, you should know that Ariens makes commercial mowers, meaning they are built tougher than regular mowers and can stand up to a lot more punishment. This is excellent for people with more extensive lawns or one that lasts several years. Ariens push mowers come in many shapes and sizes, allowing consumers to select the best. But like all lawn mowers, customers fear facing Ariens Zero Turn Mower problems.

Ariens Zero Turn Mower Problems

Ariens Zero Turn Mowers can go in any direction and cut grass relatively quickly, with some models able to cover even 26 acres in an hour. The mower has a zero-turn radius, which allows you to turn it on a dime. But it’s time to discover the problems, what won’t engage, causes excessive vibration or uneven cutting height, how to fix complicated starting issues, etc.

Ariens Zero Turn Mower Problems | Leaving No Stone Unturned

Ariens Zero Turn Mowers come with a slew of features, and when it comes to creating the perfect lawn, Ariens is definitely a good bet. The company produces top-performing, durable mowers that are easy to use and maintain. But there can be some flaw in the design that impacts their performance a little too much. Ariens Zero Turn Mowers have many mechanical problems you should know before buying one. Most of them are minor issues, but they can start adding up and making it more challenging to work with your lawnmower daily. You’ll have to work extra hard to fix some of them, while others are relatively easy fixes.

Engine: Ensure the circuit breaker on your mower is not tripped and the battery cables are properly connected to the terminals. If you have replaced a fuse, ensure it is not blown before replacing it with another one. Ensure that there are no loose wires or connections in your mower’s circuit board and check the battery connections for any problems as well.

Blade Sharpening: One of the most common recurring problems is the issue of sharpening the blades. You should know that Ariens Zero Turn mowers have sharp blades and inserts that easily cut through the grass. Sharp blades can cause the grass to be shredded into little bits, making it hard for you to get an excellent cut from your lawnmower. 

ariens zero turn mower Blade

Broken Plastic Deck: This can happen for various reasons and all model years are susceptible. The first step is to figure out what caused it to break (e.g., passing over a rock, renting equipment without attaching the safety pin). Once that has been discovered and repaired, it is time for a complete safety inspection. Ensure all wires are attached, and all belts are tight; just because the deck broke doesn’t mean you won’t be able to use the mower. Even after a complete safety inspection, there can still be other problems that need to be addressed. 

Water Leaking into the Motor/Mower Deck: If water gets into your Ariens, it will get into your machine. It is essential to check that all wiring and hoses are in place, as a loose wire can make the machine overheat. You should also check the cooling lines for cracks, holes, and loose fittings. With the mower off, turn it on its side and tip it upside down – if water comes out, you have a leak that needs to be addressed. You will need to check everything on your machine for damage to prevent the leak from occurring again. 

Ariens Zero Turn Mower

Ignition not working: Headlights will be on, the battery will be fully charged, but nothing is happening. This usually happens when the battery gets full, and there is no electricity to power the spark plugs. The easiest way to fix this problem is to check your fuses. If a fuse is broken, then it will need to be replaced.

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Customer Reviews | Ariens Zero Turn Mower Problems

Larry says, “A zero-turn mower is a type of lawn mower that makes it easier to maneuver in tight spaces, like the corners of your yard. These are especially popular with larger lawns who want to save time.” 

Loving the product, Ryan says, “The high horsepower engine can easily handle mowing hills and another tough terrain in residential areas. For added safety, the machine also comes with a backup alarm. Operator comfort is ensured with a large seat and padded armrests for improved control.” 

Ariens Zero Turn Mower

Jose says, “The engine is a solid piece of equipment that can be counted on to be the heart of your mower; however, this also means that it is challenging to service yourself. This can lead to problems such as dirty oil or even a breakdown of the engine altogether.”

FAQs | Ariens Zero Turn Mower Problems

Is it normal for the mower to vibrate?

If the machine is running at a regular speed and there are no noticeable external noises, then it’s normal for the mower to vibrate. A dip in the yard or a rough surface under your Ariens ZTR can cause the machine to vibrate. The best way to dampen vibration is by using Ariens’ vibration isolators which can be attached between the machine frame and wheels. These are available as quick-attach parts and can be installed in less than a minute.

What is the recommended procedure to clean the mower?

The Ariens Zero Turn Mower is easy-to-maintain and can be found in most home improvement stores. Unlike the traditional tractor models, you can easily disassemble the ZTR mower for cleaning. Use Ariens’ recommended maintenance manual for instructions on cleaning and lubricating specific machine parts.

Is there a way to adjust the height of my mower?

The Ariens Zero Turn Mowers are equipped with an adjustable deck lift lever. The standard height setting is 1/4″ above fully depressed for maximum cutting efficiency.

Conclusion | Ariens Zero Turn Mower Problems

To conclude, Ariens Zero Turn Mowers are some of the market’s best. But, with these issues, you need to know that a bit of knowledge about your machine can go a long way in avoiding these common Ariens Zero Turn Mower problems. If you’re looking for a mower that will get the job done but is also easy to maintain and handle, Ariens is an excellent option. Even with some caveats over customer service, it’s hard to find any other brand that offers a cleaner machine at this level of affordability. They pride themselves on providing reliable and trustworthy equipment, which is why they have a reputation for being one of the best mower brands in the industry.

But just because they are a well-respected brand doesn’t mean you can’t run into problems with your equipment. However, with proper care and maintenance, you can keep your mower running smoothly for years. Ariens mowers come with a 2-year warranty covering parts and labor, except for consumer-supplied items like gas and oil, blades, starters, batteries, tires, and, where applicable, deck parts. An authorized Ariens dealer or distributor should handle any warranty issues. You can find more information about contacting your local dealer on the Ariens website.

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