Dixon Zero Turn Mower Problems | With Possible Solutions

Zero-turn mowers are a hot topic in the lawn care market since they are innovative, flexible, and durable. The main draw and the most essential characteristic are contained in the name of these mowers, which refers to the zero-degree turning radius. The independent wheel motor, which lets the operator control each one separately and eliminates the need for a turning area, aids in its outstanding mobility. 

Dixon Zero Turn Mower Problems

This is sufficient proof that a good mower might make maintaining and care for your lawn much easier. However, just like any piece of machinery, your zero turns could malfunction occasionally, so it’s wise to be prepared. Here we’ll discuss common Dixon Zero Turn Mower problems to see what people go through and what should be done in case you face any. 

Dixon Zero Turn Mower Problems

The origins of Dixon can be traced back to W.O. Dixon, who, in 1948, built a production facility in the remote community of Coffeyville, Kansas, as part of his expansion of the Dixon Manufacturing Company. Up to the beginning of the 1970s, the corporation went through significant changes and peaks and troughs. Around that time, K. O. Dixon, the son of W. O. Dixon, learned that the Leavenworth, Kansas-based Kramer Machine and Engineering Company was prepared to sell the rights and the essential assets to build a zero-turning radius riding lawnmower. 

At the time, zero-turn mowers were still a relatively novel idea, and the hydraulic transmission that drove the machines’ back wheels rendered them impractical for the average person. However, a novel concept that would permanently change the zero-turn market was proposed: independent powering of the two back wheels. Furthermore, Dixon had a firm foothold in the market for outdoor power equipment by 1977.

Dixon Zero Turn Mower

But even the best things eventually come to an end. In 2006, Husqvarna bought the assets of Dixon Industries, and shortly thereafter, in 2014, it announced that it would stop selling items under the Dixon brand name. Husqvarna Group nevertheless continues to manufacture and sell comparable goods. Furthermore, the Husqvarna Group has continued to handle Dixon warranty claims and provide spare parts due to the fact that many individuals still possess Dixon lawnmowers. Despite the fact that the Dixon brand is no longer in existence, the surviving zero-turn mowers can still experience problems; thus, we decided to help a few people with this obligation.

Most Common Dixon Zero Turn Mower Problems

Starting and stalling issues

The most frequent issues with zero-turn mowers include the machine failing to start, losing power, and eventually stalling. These issues can arise from the engine not receiving enough gas owing to blocked filters or lines or the engine not receiving any gas due to a malfunctioning fuel injection system or an electrical problem. 

Replace the spark plug if it appears to be the main issue and check it for any carbon wear that might be slowly reducing the engine’s ability to produce power. Inadequate and irregular carburetor cleaning can also cause the issue because clogged junk would make it impossible for the engine to start. To complete the task, you must have a steady supply of clean fuel, but if your fuel filter clogs, you may experience difficulties with your equipment. The specifics of when to replace and check items regularly can be found in user manuals.

Most Common Dixon Zero Turn Mower Problems

The ignition coil helps the spark plug produce the necessary voltage for the engine, so any issues there could also cause starting failures. Fortunately, the ignition coil can be inspected with an ignition tester. Check for any gas leaks before starting the engine since this could be the root reason for the machine stalling shortly afterward.

Hydrostatic transmission issues

A hydrostatic transmission is the easiest and the most user-friendly transmission system known to man, but it also requires a comparable amount of upkeep to keep running smoothly. If you’re still having problems, the sole solution is routine servicing and maintenance. Air leakages are another typical concern with a hydrostatic gearbox.


Dixon zero-turn mowers are no different from other zero-turn mowers in that they are subject to vibrations. If you notice vibrations, don’t presume the machine has malfunctioned and must be repaired because vibrations are commonplace and can be easily remedied by adding a little more weight to dampen the vibrations. Sandbags placed on top of or beneath the vehicle’s frame or powerful shock absorbers mounted on the wheels can do this job for you.

Steering issues

Zero-turn mowers are heavy-duty machinery laden with sharp blades to mow lawns, so if you can’t seem to steer it correctly, then it is a massive concern as you are putting yourself and other people at risk of a mishap. Uneven tire pressure or a damaged steering shaft or steering support component may be to blame for problems turning the mower. It is important to properly address these issues. Additionally, if the steering wheel vibrates and is challenging to control, the drag linkage may be slack and has to be adjusted.

Steering issues

Unassisted motion

If you are having trouble controlling the vehicle because it seems to be moving forward and backward on its own, it’s possible that the front seat linkage seats are very loose or that there is a problem with the seat switch. In that case, you can begin by removing the driver’s seat before disassembling all the pieces to inspect them for damage. After determining the issue, inspection and replacement should be performed as needed.

Automatic brake engagement

The automatic locking of the brakes could suggest a problem with the brake system; however, this is not the case with Dixon mowers. Typically, this occurs due to corroded brake cable connections, which may result from dampness or other electrical issues. Multiple machine components suffer from trapped moisture; hence it is important to maintain dry storage conditions. You can remove the rust and change the connection cords if the issue has already occurred.

PTO issues

Perhaps the most crucial use of a zero-turn mower is to engage and disengage the blades, which is accomplished by the power take-off (PTO) clutch. And the PTO switch powers the PTO clutch. The mower would be rendered inoperable if either of the components failed. Seek the assistance of an expert to determine whether the problem is repairable or requires part replacement.

dixon mower PTO

Clogged discharge chute

A discharge chute is employed to direct grass clippings and other foliage from beneath the deck onto the outside, but frequent use or mowing wet grass can cause the chute to become jammed. However, this issue can be resolved by simply reversing the lawnmower while it is moving at full speed or more diligently by using a stick or your hands.

FAQs | Dixon Zero Turn Mower Problems

When did they stop making Dixon Zero Turn mowers?

The production of lawnmowers with the Dixon brand for the North American market has been discontinued, according to a statement from Husqvarna in August 2014.

Where are Dixon mowers built?

Production was moved to the Husqvarna factory in Nebraska prior to the cessation of Dixon mowers.

How many hours do zero-turn mowers usually last?

The maintenance of a zero-turn mower affects how long it will last. Depending on your ability to operate this machine, you may squeeze anywhere between 5000 and 10000 hours and easily reach 2000 hours without needing any major repairs.

Closure | Dixon Zero Turn Mower Problems

By making zero-turn mowers more accessible and viable for households to add to their collection of lawn care equipment, Dixon as a brand, which produced zero-turn mowers for roughly four decades, revolutionized the zero-turn market. And it is always a good idea to know what to expect from your machine at whatever stage of owning it, whether you are one of the Dixon owners who purchased it before the firm stopped producing it or you discovered unused or used equipment secondhand online. 

Moreover, being aware of the issue is the first step in fixing it, allowing you to prolong the service life of your equipment. Dixon has created some really dependable products, and we hope that this post can help you have a similar experience. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Happy day, everyone.

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