Aerogarden Sprout Review | The Perfect Start To Gardening?

There’s always a constant urge to see some gardening where you can see small tomatoes and eggplants grow every day. No matter how rich you are, planting and seeing these babies grow has a different impact on us. Most of us live in cities where you find everything, including every type of vegetable. But are those veggies fresh and chemical-free? We can’t leave cities where we work and live just for better veggies. The young blood creates solutions for everything. Today we have a product to review that claims solutions for living a healthy lifestyle even with your busy schedules. With the help of our unbiased Aerogarden Sprout Review, we will help you to choose if this device fits in to improve your health or not.

AeroGarden Sprout Review

Everyone thinks living away from your home is fun. But when it comes to cooking and buying groceries, all of us want to back off. Aerogarden Sprout is a mini device that claims to take up a corner from your kitchen and be worthy of it. Whether it’s vegetables, beautiful flowers, or herbs, you can grow all of them in the Aerogarden Sprout device. This device promises to make enough food for two to three people while being effortless.

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Aerogarden Sprout Review | An Easy Living Solution?

Aerogarden Sprout was created to make things easier for people who wish for garden-fresh products in their kitchen. Other ways of having these small gardens could be in your lawn or backyard, where you can plant the seeds of all veggies that you want. Having those plants and herbs with soil within your kitchen could be messy. Some of us don’t even have lawns and backyards to fulfill our gardening journey. Considering all these circumstances, Aerogarden Sprout came up with innovative inventions with high technology. These devices do not require soil to grow plants. How? Aerogarden has tested and proven that those little herbs and plants can grow within their device, getting everything they need five times faster than in other plants. It also claims to consume less water. 

AeroGarden Sprout

One device has room for three different plants and herbs. You can complete three different planting cycles simultaneously. Aerogarden also has a full spectrum of sunlight through inbuilt sixty LED lights with white, blue, and red colors that will grow your plants quicker and bigger. An automated timer set in the device will know when to turn on and off the lights. The device has a feature that reminds you through its beep when the baby plants need water or plant food. The Aerogarden Sprout promises to be quick and easy to build. Once you drop the seeds, water, plant food into the device and plug it, you can carry on with the rest of the day without looking at it again. They also provide over 70 seed pods with various veggies and herbs that you can reorder anytime you need. Aerogarden Sprout is user-friendly and helpful to every user who has ruined their healthy lifestyles. 

Aerogarden Sprout Review | The Build-Up

  • Three planting pods of your choice 
  • Ten watts sixty LED lights 
  • Water circulation system 
  • Touch-sensitive with one-button control 
  • Inbuilt silent pump for oxygenation
  • Better and new sleek design

AeroGarden Sprout - Indoor Garden with LED Grow Light, Black
  • BRAND NEW DESIGN - Experience better plant growth from your AeroGarden Sprout indoor garden with a sleek modern look, new silent pump, and simple soft-touch button to control lights and reset plant food reminders
  • PLANT TO PLATE - up to 3 plants can be grown at a time, up to 10" tall. Plants grow in water, not soil - an advanced indoor garden made simple
  • HIGH EFFICIENCY LED LIGHTS - Our energy efficient full spectrum 10-watt LED grow lights tune to the specific needs of plants to maximize photosynthesis, resulting in rapid, natural growth and abundant harvests
  • INCLUDES GOURMET HERB SEED KIT (3 POD) - Genovese Basil, Curly Parsley, and Dill & a 3oz bottle of our patented, all natural plant nutrients (enough for a full season of growth)
  • ALWAYS HOMEGROWN: FRESH. EASY. SAFE. - AeroGarden has been providing fresh, safe food options for over fifteen years and is the market leader for indoor hydroponic growing systems

Perks of using Aerogarden Sprout 

  • Easy to use 
  • Avoids mess of soil and lawn gardening 
  • Grows your plants and veggies five times faster and bigger 
  • Cuts down extra grocery cost
  • Automated light and oxygenation system
  • Takes up less water 
  • Weather-resistant
  • Inbuilt 10 watts sixty LED lights for sunlight spectrum 
  • Can grow up to 10 inches of veggies and plants

Cons of using Aerogarden Sprout

  • The pods catch mold
  • Plants catch small bugs 
  • Poor manufacturing of the device

Customer Feedback | Aerogarden Sprout Review 

Rose commented, “The Aerogarden Sprout is a great product. It was easy to set up. It also calls for water and food on time. For the trial round, I planted small herbs and received entire fresh and natural plants within two months, I guess. So far, I have planted many flowers, Basil, and other veggies. It works completely fine.” 

Bella added, “I was very excited to start my gardening journey as I have never done it before. And I thought of trying out this mini product. There was no mess and annoying noises. It just beeped when it needed water and some fodder. I liked how it automatically turns on and shuts the lights when needed. One thing that disappointed me was I could see some bugs hanging around my newly formed veggies.”

AeroGarden Sprout

Ronnie pinned, “Got this Aerogarden Sprout a few weeks ago. It was easy to set up after following all the instructions. I set my pods, and I could see the sporty rising from the pod. The other two pods didn’t show any results until the fifth week. One of them started catching white mold, and it disgusted me. Other than this, the product works fine.”

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FAQs | Aerogarden Sprout Reviews

Can I exchange my pods if they don’t work? 

Aerogarden Sprout promises a 100 percent germination guarantee. If your pod does not sprout within 21 days, you can contact the Aerogarden Sprout helpline. They will send a replacement and a new pod according to your wish.

How long will the provided seed pods last? 

Every seed pod provided by Aerogarden Sprout lasts up to one year. They recommend storing it in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. It’s best to keep in the dark. It will keep the seed dormant.

Any suggestions on where to place my device for the best results? 

You should place the device where you can see it, and it is easily accessible. Keeping it near your kitchen counter is primarily recommended. Note that you should not keep the product in a very dark area like a closet or closed cabinet, which will not allow your plants to breathe. Please do not keep it exposed to direct sunlight as it will heat the lights.

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Cessation | Aerogarden Sprout Review

Finally, we have come to the end of the Aerogarden Sprout Review. This small garden system has impressed quite a good crowd of users through its automatic working system. Most users bought it because it makes less of a mess than the traditional gardening system. It beeps when it needs water and food. There are more purchases of Aerogarden Sprout because it takes up less space and is not hard to operate. Aerogarden Sprout provided an instruction manual that made things easier for users to set the device independently. Many of them reviewed with happy comments sharing their growing Basils and other herbs. The device gives you the freedom to choose your plant pods and has an excellent returning policy of pods.

Summing up with the review, we may conclude that the device can give impressive results and love from consumers. Some also claimed that their pods got white mold after a few weeks of planting it. Well, opinions matter from person to person, so does the review. If you are using the delve, let us know how you feel about it and the results. Lastly, we have covered the complete facts and figures about the Aerogarden Sprout. If you need to know more or specific information that we might have left out, please pin them down in our comment section. We will answer all of them.

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