Troy Bilt TB110 Won’t Start | Here’s What to Do Now (Solutions)

If you’re in search of a new lawn mower, it’s essential to get your research right to avoid the ultimate buyer’s remorse. Troy Bilt TB110 features make them highly profitable and widely used by home growers, farmers, and large-scale landowners alike. However, there have been multiple complaints about this particular model being unreliable due to faulty components such as the transmission or the drive shaft. While this lawn mower may come with some great features and is decently priced, plenty of customers have found that this Troy Bilt TB110 won’t start.

Troy Bilt TB110 Won't Start

The Troy-Bilt was designed to be both powerful and efficient. It features an easy-start engine and has a dual-action blade system that allows you to mulch or discharge clippings depending on your needs. It also features a dual blade cutting system and five height settings. It has a twenty-inch cutting width to cut your lawn evenly. The expansive deck also minimizes the time it takes to bag your grass clippings and leaves behind a clean lawn. They offer a wide variety of power equipment, including lawnmowers, tillers, leaf blowers, chainsaws, generators, and more. However, like every lawn mower, this mower also comes with some problems.

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Troy Bilt TB110 Won’t Start | Problems and their Way Out  

For starters, the Troy Bilt TB110 has an improved blade drive system that makes pushing easier. The problem with many lawn mowers is that their drive components get worn out after a few years of use, and replacing the blades can be painful. This new design helps you push it with less effort so that you don’t have to strain yourself any longer. The fact that this unit has 5 different height adjustment options is a big plus. The one thing you must remember is that this model does not provide any side discharge or mulching features. Simplicity is indeed the key, but that doesn’t mean you stop looking for better quality and something that takes your lawn mowing to a new level.

If your Troy-Bilt mower won’t start after winter or even normally, try these simple troubleshooting tips to fix it before you call a professional!

Removing and Cleaning Blades: If your Troy Bilt mower still won’t start after adjusting the carburetor and other steps below, remove the blades for cleaning. Remove the spark plug and blade bolt, then remove the blades. Spray your blades with WD-40, wipe clean with a large sponge, then replace them. This will probably fix your mower! 

Adjust and Clean Your Carburetor: If you see fuel leaking out of your carburetor, you need to adjust it. If you see that your carburetor is clogged with dirt, grass, or other debris, then clean it out. Remove the air filter and carburetor cover to see the carburetor. Then remove the screws holding this on and remove the rubber base gasket. You should be able to pull out these parts with your hands. Clean all the debris off your carburetor by spraying it with WD-40 or other solvents, then wipe it down with a clean, dry cloth. Clean out any debris from the holes in your carburetor, then replace the rubber gasket and screws. 

troy bilt tb110 carburetor

Check Your Spark Plug: A faulty spark plug could cause your mower to run poorly and fail to start. If this is the case, inspect the spark plug to see if it’s oily or has an oily build-up. The spark plug is located on the side of your engine and is easy to remove. First, move the throttle control up and turn off your lawn mower. Disconnect the spark plug wire from its terminal on top of the engine and position it out of the way. 

Inspect the Gas Cap: The cap on the top of your fuel tank may become damaged and allow water and debris to flow in, contaminating the gas. Remove the cap to inspect it for signs of wear and tear and replace it if necessary. In addition, check to see if the rubber seal is intact. If it has worn out, you can buy a new one at a home improvement store or online.

troy bilt tb110 gas cap

Check the Fuel Tank: If you have a fuel tank, see if it is free of cracks and leaks. A clogged or damaged fuel filter can also cause problems. Other issues include low gas levels or dirty gas tanks, which may cause the engine to stop running. In order to fix this problem, remove the gas tank cap and jiggle it up and down to see if any fuel leaks out. Also, examine the inside of your gas tank for rust deposits or mold. 

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Customer Reviews | Troy Bilt TB110 Won’t Start

Adam mentioned, “I bought the Troy Bilt TB110 electric lawn mower with a two-year warranty, and I’m happy I did. The mower works great, and it starts on the first pull every time. It doesn’t have an indicator light on it, but I suspect that means it doesn’t need one”. 

troy bilt tb110

Charly, a happy customer, said, “The Troy Bilt is so easy to handle and maneuver, especially if you’re tall. It’s not too heavy, but it’s also not light enough that you have to worry about it being too easy to tip over. The mower is easy enough to use with one hand, but I wouldn’t recommend maneuvering with your hands full with the mower.” 

FAQs | Troy Bilt TB110 won’t start 

Is the Troy Bilt TB110 Good for big lawns?

The Troy-Bilt TB110 is a self-propelled mower that is meant to get big jobs done in a short amount of time. It has an outstanding reputation for being an excellent mower that does not require any additional tools or fabrication to use it.

What caused Troy Bilt TB110 not to start?

Dirty Water, Pump won’t start, Faulty Spark Plug, Malfunctioning Gearbox, Faulty Ignition Switch, or Key Control Module. Several things could cause the Troy Bilt TB110 gas log burner not to start. The most common reasons for this issue are water getting into the system or improper wiring in your home. The reason why water got into the air system may be because of a faulty water pump or a faulty pressure switch.

Is Troy Bilt TB110 a good Mower?

The Troy Bilt TB110 is an excellent solution for homeowners who want an affordable and quality product. The fact that it’s reasonably priced only makes it more appealing. As for the drawbacks, the Troy Bilt TB110 does not have many features usually associated with commercial models. This is because it’s designed for use in residential areas.

Conclusion | Troy Bilt TB110 Won’t Start

The Troy-Bilt TB110 lawn mower is a relatively low-priced lawn mower with many features. It has many safety features and an instant start, making it easy to use for people that have trouble starting up gas-powered engines. 

Troy-Bilt was an early pioneer in the gardening industry and built quality products for years, but the corporation has unfortunately fallen on hard times since then. Ultimately it’s you who decides whether you should go with the product or not. Each product has a different effect on different people. So, think wisely and make your decision.

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