Snapper Zero Turn Reviews | One-Stop Solution?

Trying to discern all the buzz around Snapper zero-turn reviews? Don’t worry, as we have you covered with our guide. In this article, we shall explore all aspects regarding the in-demand lawnmowers to help you make an informed decision! 

Lawnmowers come in various shapes and sizes, all suited for a number of uses. However, you’re gravely mistaken if you think a zero-turn mower like the Snapper 360Z zero-turn model is suited for sporadic use. Now, if you have consulted reports like Fortune Business’s list of zero-turn mowers’ market shares, you may actually think something along these lines. Customers generally go for these kinds of mowers because of their laser-guided precision in lawn trimming as well as visibility and maneuverability. Incidentally, the entire lawnmower market has a projected growth of $53,715.1 million by 2030. Not surprising, given the increase in gardening within private spaces in the aftermath of the pandemic. Let us now move on to what your search-and-identify routine must include for such lawnmowers!

Snapper Zero Turn Review

Snapper 360Z is a zero-turn ride-on lawnmower. There is also the Snapper 360Z XT which as the company suggests, has the most powerful engine in their zero-turn lineup. The primary difference is that of the engine, as the 360Z uses Briggs & Stratton® EX Series™ while the XT has an inbuilt Briggs & Stratton® Commercial Series OHV. If you’re looking to know more about the specifics, read on below!

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Snapper Zero Turn Reviews: Is It Effective?

The 360Z series of lawnmowers are manufactured in Snapper’s factories in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Sherrill, New York. The company prides itself on providing employment to more than 3,000 Americans. Additionally, their promotional programs include Synchrony Bank and Sheffield special financing offers as well as special rebate programs for military members, first responders, and licensed medical professionals. Servicing looks to be prompt as well but depends on the local Snapper dealer. It is also reliant on whether the mower was bought via a local retailer or online. All Snapper HD tools have a three (3) year limited consumer warranty, and all Briggs & Stratton 48-Volt MAX1 Batteries and Charging Station have a two (2) year limited consumer warranty. Mower kits include a 5.0 battery and charger. Their heavy-duty mower deck is another nice feature that aids users. What’s more, is that all of their fabricated decks come with a limited lifetime warranty. The commercial-style foot-operated height-of-Cut feature allows the mower deck to easily lift and be adjusted between 13 height-of-cut positions from 1.5 to 4.5 inches.

Market searches were a little difficult since this product only has a few ratings on Amazon. However, a few of the customers were more than satisfied with a few trademark features of this lawnmower. Among these features, its customizability along with its Electric Fuel Management system was the most sought after.

snapper zero turn mower parts

For any lawnmower, the minimum time of usage is about 200 hours and that is the same for Snapper 360Z Zero Turn lawnmower. However, that number is mostly an estimate when you’re not considering major repairs. Overall, most mowers will last around 10 years, but that may vary based on how often you use them, the climate you live in, and the size of your lawn. Regardless, they have a designated dealer network that can allocate proper replacement parts, manuals and help you out with warranties. It also has a commercial warranty of 90 days and a residential warranty of 3 years. Let’s delve deeper into a few more components as well as how this mower works. 

Snapper Zero Turn | How Does It Function?

Chances are you have not looked up too many snapper zero turn reviews before stumbling upon this one. In that case, you’re surely wondering, “Okay how do I know it is working?” or “ What should I look for to ensure it is functioning properly?”.Now the best thing about these mowers is their 23 HP Briggs and Stratton twin-engines which unleashes 23 HP of mowing power whenever you turn it on. It is a 4-stroke engine with a total fuel tank volume of 3 gallons. Enough acceleration can allow it to go up to a maximum of 6 mph in the forward direction, and up to 3 mph while backing up. 48-inch mowing decks are generally sufficient for most small to moderate size lawns. However, if you have a very big lawn it would be best to get the 52-inch mowing deck.snapper zero turn mower engine

The triple-blade mowing deck makes easy work of the shrubs and weeds inhabiting your lawn. As I’ve explained before you can control the cutting height just by using your feet. Enough about the inner workings. Let’s talk durability now. A thick-walled front axle, a spindle made of aircraft-grade aluminum, 14 gauge stamped steel mowing deck and a fully welded reinforced steel frame ought to ease your worries. An integrated rear cargo bed makes this zero turn more versatile than ever before. Plus, the rails allow for the use of aftermarket ATV accessories. All in all, the Snapper 360Z zero turn model seems to pack quite a punch but that does not mean it is devoid of any blemishes. Keep reading to discover what those are!

snapper zero turn parts

Snapper Zero Turn Advantages

Referring to several Snapper zero turn reviews, revealed a few common positives for this lawnmower. Those points have been succinctly arranged beneath so you can refer to them at your leisure:

  • Ball bearings in the caster spindles ensure durability and a great cut
  • Optional integrated cargo bed with 50lbs capacity provides versatility and convenience
  • Heavy-duty custom v-belt that is engineered for superior resistance to stretching and premature wear
  • ReadyStart® technology on Briggs & Stratton engines allows for faster and longer use with “reliable starting in 2 pulls”
  • Three deck-size options including a compact, 36” fabricated deck making it easier to navigate while in use and while in storage
  • Compact design allows better navigation on slopes and undulating terrains
  • Convenient foot-operated deck lift feature that helps in changing the cutting height from 1.5 to 5 inches in 13 distinct increments effortlessly
  • Two pre-determined cutouts on the cargo bed allow for easy insertion of a wooden 2×4 for an easily removable tailgate
  • Speed goes up to 9.6 km/h while moving forward and 4.8 km/h while going in reverse  
  • Commercial grade chassis for extended mower life and durability in adverse conditions

Snapper Zero Turn Problems

Snapper Zero Turn Mowers have been manufactured with care but even then, they miss out on some key aspects. As is the case with lawnmowers and other electronic gardening equipment, a majority of these shortcomings are related to individual parts. However, some of them may look unusual to you and hence I have jotted them down here:

  • No integrated cargo bed
  • Absence of anti-scalp wheels causes ground space to be left with bigger tracks and maybe even get damaged
  • No lifetime warranty on the mower deck means more hidden costs and a higher lifetime expenditure
  • No rough-cut capabilities, so you will have to stick to regularly mowing if you are to keep the lawn in shape.

How To Use the Snapper Zero Turn?

The instructions to get the Snapper Zero Turn working are pretty much the same as other lawnmowers. On that note, it is important to follow the order of these steps to make sure you preserve the longevity of the mower as well as get maximum output. I have tried to eliminate as much of technical niche as possible but it should be easier to understand if you are acquainted with the basics. Refer to the steps below to make sure your lawnmower is functioning optimally:

  • Pull out the oil dipstick, situated on one side of the engine and clean it before re-inserting it 
  • Check for the hours of operating time left and monitor it using the digital meter board in the edge of the ignition and the electric PTO switchboard. 
  • Position the stick throttle to the mid-level and then crank it until it starts
  • Set the ignition to on. This is a pretty straightforward key-and-lock ignition so it should be simple to use. 
  • Adjust the mower deck after releasing the deck key and re-attaching it to the desired divot. These divots are situated on a horizontal plate with the heights indicated beside each of them. Now lower or heighten the cushioned lever to move the whole deck accordingly.   
  • Ensure that the parking brakes are positioned up before starting the machine.
  • The main handles for accelerating and reverse need to be turned outwards or else the engine won’t start. 
  • Start the PTO by pressing the switch.
  • To move forward and backward push both the handles in the respective directions; to move leftwards push down on just the right handle and vice versa
  • In case you’re having trouble using the mower refer to this video down below!

Talking Points | Snapper Zero Turn Customer Reviews

After using the Ferris is700z lawnmower, Helen mentioned, “ I bought my 360Z Zero Turn Snapper approximately 3 years ago. I’ve not had one issue with this mower. Start great, mows great, and is easy to maneuver. I do not mow commercially and only use it on my lawn and my mother-in-law’s yards. Awesome product.”snapper zero turn customer reviews

Ronald, another customer precisely allocated what he found out to be the positives and negatives for the Snapper Zero Turn lawnmower, “In my third summer with this mower. However, these were some of the more recurrent issues I noticed while using the mower. 

Pros: Cuts nicely on LEVEL ground. Comfortable to use.

Cons: Cranking issues from day one. Almost impossible to start on days below 50 degrees. Automatic chock will engage at times when cranking while the motor is warm which results in flooding and about a 15-minute wait to grind through the cranking process until the excess fuel is burned by the sputtering engine. Fuel gauge registers empty unless the tank is at least half full. Uneven cuts on unlevel ground. Oil dipstick tends to loosen and results in loss of oil not to mention a mess on the frame and engine. I expected a high-quality product for the price tag but was disappointed. This will be the one and only Snapper I purchase.”

snapper zero turn customer reviews

Reagan Josh, another experienced gardener, however, criticized the model quite blatantly as he was nowhere near impressed with its performance, “ Multiple issues with this mower. To start off, the gas gauge is never accurate. Pneumatic tires struggle to stay inflated no matter how well you maintain them. On sharp turns, they can pop the seal and go flat. The deck wheels are just a bad design that does not support traction. These are supposed to keep you from gouging your cut by supporting the deck, but the bolt that holds each tire on has broken multiple times and I’ve had to replace it. Finally, the police system that engages the blades is covered with a plastic housing that can easily break. There are too many flaws to recommend this mower.”

FAQ’s | Snapper Zero Turn 

This section will look to answer any doubts you might still have regarding the Snapper Zero Turn mower. Hopefully, these will help you get more clarity on this lawnmower and allow you to make an informed decision regarding its purchase! 

How to Put Snapper Zero Turn in Neutral?

The Snapper Zero Turn 360z is easy to operate and maintain. Follow the instructions given above to make sure that you retain its efficiency for a longer period! Coming to this particular question, you have to first check the emergency brakes and engage them. Once you have ensured that the mower is completely stationary, proceed to turn off the ignition and remove the key.

Is Snapper Zero Turn a Good Mower?

Snapper is considered a high-end maker of residential lawn mowers, both walk-behind mowers, and riding mowers and tractors. They are considered some of the best available and are available at Snapper lawn mower retail stores, and certain models, including some riding mowers, can be purchased on websites like Amazon. Online retailers like Sears also have a commendable stock of parts for these lawnmowers. 

Who Makes Snapper Zero Turn Mowers?

Snapper Zero Turn Mowers are manufactured by the company Snapper, which is a part of Briggs and Stratton. Models like the 360Z zero turn and the 360Z XT are made in the Snapper headquarters is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

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Closure | Snapper Zero Turn Reviews 

In this review piece, I have tried my best to supply all types of data that you may look for in Snapper Zero Turn reviews. One of the main things I have experienced while looking for lawnmowers is that mainstream websites like Amazon have little to look for. Although you may get the entire product from such retail sites, obtaining information about their parts is a Herculean task. You may also find a bit of technical language and have difficulty with identifying parts. But with the video guide I have attached, it should be made simpler. However, like with every review, I would implore you to conduct your own research as well.  

Snapper zero turn lawnmowers are moderately priced alternatives and are solid options for first-time buyers. Though the warranty coverage may be a bother it is one of the best zero-turn mowers available on the market at the moment. Without that, this lawnmower is perfect for when you are trying to figure out your ideal gardening kit!

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