SmartSaker Mini Chainsaw Reviews | Worth It? (Unbiased)

Dissimilarity is arguably the most common thing that can be observed in nature, and you want to have a piece of it for yourself in the form of a yard. So it is only natural that you will be faced with challenges to maintain it while keeping all those differences in mind. And if you have found yourself in a situation where the trimming and pruning jobs are too small for a regular chainsaw and too large for a manual lopper, then it is time to turn your gaze to a mini chainsaw. 

SmartSaker Mini Chainsaw Reviews

These compact devices are champs for maneuverability and versatility as you breeze through every nook and cranny with little to no effort. Additionally, these smaller chainsaw units are no less in power and performance for their intended job. And if this excites you, we have the product for you. This report covers all the necessary information about the SmartSaker mini chainsaw, and we have gathered some SmartSaker Mini Chainsaw Reviews, so let’s delve in. 

SmartSaker Mini Chainsaw Reviews | The Best Chainsaw On The Market?

Cool and nifty gadgets you did not even know you needed until seeing one in action are one of the many things that can be delegated to this brand.  A global online retailer of convenience goods for home improvement, electronics, fashion, and beauty, SmartSaker was founded in 2011. The products are all readily available for very reasonable prices and have undergone careful testing and design procedures.

The experience is enhanced by convenient and secure online shopping, which offers customers various safe payment options worldwide. You will undoubtedly be in good hands with attentive staff and thorough yet amiable customer care representatives.

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  • 🎁 Mini Chainsaw Cordless Perfect Tool for Dad, Mom, Friends, Husband, DIYer 🎁
  • 【STRONG DYNAMIC SYSTEM】 - Saker Mini Chainsaw adapts a high-quality guide chain that has undergone a deep quenching process to ensure smooth cutting. In addition, a pure copper motor is used, which is very powerful. cutting efficiency is higher and faster.
  • 【UPGRADED COPPER WIRE HIGH-EFFICIENCY MOTOR】 - Provides your tool with longer run-time, more torque, and more power which leads to less wear and tear, extending the lifetime of the mini chain saw.
  • 【LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE】 - Saker Mini Chainsaw weighs only 1.1 kg (including battery) and has a total length of 4 inches. Saker cordless mini chainsaw can be used with one hand, and it is not easy to get tired after long-term use. It is very suitable for family and temporary work, even the elderly can easily control it.
  • 【RECHARGEABLE ELECTRIC CHAINSAW】 - The Saker mini electric chainsaw is equipped with a 20V 1500mAh rechargeable lithium battery, which can be used for a long time. Charging at any time, convenient and fast.If you do not use it for a long time, please remember to fully charge the battery first, for a better experience the next time you use it.

The Saker Mini Chainsaw is one of the many products in its impressive inventory. It is a surprisingly easy-to-use and durable mini chainsaw that is battery-operated and will take all the time and effort in usage and maintenance away. These devices do many things right, and we will try to cover them individually. 

In the box

The package you will receive will contain the mini chainsaw with preinstalled guide bar and saw chain for your convenience. Battery and charger are included, and the number of batteries will vary between one and two depending on your purchase: a wrench and a screwdriver for tensioning the chain correctly before usage is also included. And if you need help with how to start, the user manual will aid you with that.

Manufacturer specifications

  • Power source: Battery.
  • Battery cell type: Lithium-ion.
  • Horsepower: 550 Watts.
  • Product weight: 2.42 lbs.
  • Chain length: 4 inches.

Build quality

The product’s construction is its most crucial feature. The guide chain is constructed from premium steel that has undergone a thorough quenching process. This procedure increases the chains’ durability and resistance to abrasion, ensuring smooth sawing. The hardened plastic body further enhances the machine’s longevity, and comfort is factored into the equation with the rubberized grip. The overall weight of the product is also carefully balanced for optimal results.

Saker Mini Chainsaw

Power source

The Saker tiny chainsaw is battery-powered and has 20 V 1500 mAh lithium-ion batteries, making it exceedingly simple to use and maintain. A decent run time can be noted, albeit this may vary depending on the task, and charging takes little time. A nice feature of lithium-ion batteries is that the machine’s performance is unaffected by the charge level for consistent efficiency throughout.

Portability and Usage

The total weight of the gadget with the attached battery is just 1.1 kilograms or 2.42 lbs, making one-hand usage possible and long work hours less tiresome. The 4-inch bar makes for an easy labor, and the branches shouldn’t be thicker than the blade length, making it perfect for quick, modest operations. By keeping everything organized and taking up less room, the storage suitcase ensures that you can easily carry it around.

review of Mini Chainsaw

Safety features

Considering the safety elements that the power equipment has in place is vital, given that it is used for sawing operations. Before activating the trigger switch, the safety lock must be pressed to prevent mishaps. The splash guard design describes a top cover shielding you from plant debris or splattering sawdust. Due to its spring-loaded design, it may also move quite readily when it comes into contact with any plants or branches.

Other notable features

This unit’s integrated pure copper motor has a powerful thermal dissipation mechanism that utilizes ventilation. This boosts the work’s quality and safety by keeping the motor from smoking.


  • Affordable buy.
  • Lightweight making it great for older folks who cannot operate heavy machinery.
  • One-hand operation.
  • Robust construction.
  • Safety lock.
  • Ventilated motor. 

Saker Mini Chainsaw benefits


  • Not suitable for thicker lumber over 4 inches in width.
  • The safety button is located in a position that is only comfortable for right-handed users.
  • Batteries lose power eventually and need replacement.

Customer Feedback | SmartSaker Mini Chainsaw Reviews

As we write this article, this product has over a thousand ratings on Amazon, and a whopping 89% of buyers have rated it over 4 stars, which shows that SmartSaker has met several expectations. We have included the good and the bad for you to make a firm decision. 

Saker Mini Chainsaw customer reviews

This buyer mentions having a stroke of luck when they first got their hands on this product when they borrowed it from someone and knew they had to buy one. They say, “When someone else lent me one, I used it and liked it so much that I bought my own. Had I not used it first, I probably would have assumed it was insufficient for my needs. I’m impressed with this little saw so far after trimming elm, chestnut, walnut, box elder, apple, and some pines fairly extensively. The battery lasts longer than anticipated.

The saw cuts through branches incredibly fast. The chain that comes with it doesn’t appear to tarnish easily. The guard on this one, which I didn’t see on some others, is something I like. I have kept it well-lubricated. I recently purchased some new loppers but hardly used them due to this practical saw. I’ve also applied it to some 4″ live branches and dead wood. It does have a safety cut-out for overheating, which is convenient if you’re using it excessively. Highly suggested.”

Saker Mini Chainsaw reviews

This older customer effusively shares their satisfactory experience with the mini chainsaw as they describe the trees and bushes they used the product on. They said, “Before I decided to purchase this saw, I read many reviews of similar tools. It did not let me down. It is portable and straightforward to use. I used it to remove a 30-foot high, roughly 4-inch diameter Siberian elm that had inadvertently grown up against the fence behind my lilacs.

I’m 74 years old and in fair health. Aside from that, I pruned my River Birch’s 2 to 4-inch limbs. Removing the dead wood from my prickly Pyracantha bush took no time. It performed flawlessly, and I was delighted with how quickly I completed the task while still having plenty of battery life. I wholeheartedly endorse it. Reviews from others influenced my decision, so I’m adding mine to assist others.”

On the other hand, this buyer experienced buyer’s remorse when they received a lousy egg and no customer support. They mention, “When I got this tool back in July, I was so happy. Everything appeared to be in order when I tested it and charged it. After keeping it in my garage for a few months, I took it out in the fall to clean up the shrubbery before we had the house painted. However, the Saker saw would not function properly. Even though the battery was fully charged, the blade would stall and refuse to turn whenever I tried to cut through a small branch.

Saker Mini Chainsaw review

I performed every possible check, including examining the chain’s condition and tension, the battery’s state of charge, and the general arrangement of the saw’s parts. After numerous tries, I concluded that the motor was stalling out for some reason. I then contacted the Online store to ask for a replacement for the flawed product or a complete refund. Moreover, I should wait, Amazon advised, as they would get in touch with Saker, who would then get in touch with me. I waited, but neither Amazon nor Saker responded to my inquiries. I demand a complete reimbursement and an explanation for the delay in responding to my inquiry.”

FAQs | SmartSaker Mini Chainsaw

Where are SmartSaker mini chainsaws made?

The brand’s warehouse is located in China.

Where to buy SmartSaker mini chainsaws?

The product can very easily be found on e-commerce websites. Some famous names would be Amazon and Walmart.

Are mini chainsaws safe?

We get that it is easy to forget that power tools are precarious devices when they come in a smaller size. So please take safety precautions and wear your safety gear while using mini chainsaws like you would if you were using a regular one. 

Saker Mini Chainsaw kit

How to use SmartSaker mini chainsaw?

The battery is attached upon charging, and the electric saw switch is triggered, followed by pressing the safety lock. Also, make sure that the chains are adequately lubricated before operation.

How to oil SmartSaker mini chainsaw?

As the device does not have an oil reservoir, you can lubricate the chain directly and make sure it covers the entirety of it. 3-in-1 oil or vegetable oil, as they are safe for plants and vegetation, can be used.

Closure | SmartSaker Mini Chainsaw Reviews

SmartSaker has undoubtedly delivered a very convenient and innovative technology with this one for a very affordable budget. Saker mini chainsaw has been a tiny bundle of joy for several buyers and the flipside for a few. And through this article, we have attempted to cover just that. We hope we breeze seamlessly through all the subtleties of the product and give you comprehensive knowledge about the same. Please write below for any further queries regarding the product or to contact us. Have a great day.

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