How To Get Rid Of Crabgrass Without Killing Grass? | The Perfect Methods

The lawn looks beautiful and green because of grass, various plants, and trees. Nature is a wonderful gift for humankind. The importance and value of nature are very high and can never be neglected. But some weeds and unwanted grass need to be removed to avoid damage to other plants and the lawn or the garden. The main question of discussion over here is how to get rid of crabgrass without killing the grass. Let’s find the appropriate answer to this question.

How To Get Rid Of Crabgrass Without Killing Grass

Nature truly defines the definition of beauty. The green grasses add beauty to the appearance of the lawn or the garden, adding freshness to the environment and peace of mind. The presence of crabgrass and other unwanted plants or weeds can be harmful or may become the reason behind ruining the lawn. Hence, their removal from the lawn is the most important thing. But how do you do that without killing the beautiful grass of your garden? Let’s find out!

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How To Get Rid Of Crabgrass Without Killing Grass? | Steps or Methods Required

Crabgrass is also known as Digitaria. They generally grow very deep under the ground. The roots of this grass grow outwards with very long stems, with the center being quite fat and plump. All these properties of crabgrass are similar to the appearance of a crab, hence the name. Its growth is rapid and hence needs to be removed from the lawn primarily to prevent damage to the lawn. How to rid of crabgrass without killing grass should be the main point of consideration over here.

How To Get Rid Of Crabgrass Without Killing Grass

Various ways and methods will help you remove these unwanted and dangerous weeds from the lawn and make the lawn look beautiful and green. However, such methods might not be significantly easier. It is a complex process to carry on. Still, you have to work upon it to save your beautiful lawn.

Steps To Remove Crabgrass From The Lawn

The growth and spreading of the crabgrass have to stop

The first thing to do while going through the process of removing crabgrass is to remove it altogether and then remove the seedlings of the crabgrass from the lawn to save the lawn from such unwanted crabgrass attacks and damages. In this way, you can remove the crabgrass from the lawn and keep it beautiful.

During the spring season, you should apply some herbicides to stop the growth of crabgrass. Also, destroy the crabgrass seedlings that will probably be developing on the lawn. For applying the herbicide, you must check specific criteria beforehand. The soil temperature should be more than 60°F to kill the crabgrass specifically. Secondly, always apply the herbicide when the other plants and trees in the lawn or the garden grow and bloom perfectly. Otherwise, this may damage the lawn. If the lawn is totally new, applying herbicide can be harmful. Hence mow the lawn nearly three times before the application of herbicide.

Stop the growth of crabgrass before its development

With proper care and looking after, you can stop the development of crabgrass earlier. Crabgrass development occurs more rapidly during sunshine. The time duration of watering the plants on the lawn should be longer since crabgrass may grow due to a shortage of water. Watering of the plants at proper intervals and with proper quantity can prevent the growth of crabgrass.

Killing crabgrass in a smaller region

When crabgrass is present in a smaller region, and when you have identified the region where the crabgrass is present, you can use some natural ways of killing it. The natural ways of killing the crabgrass include boiling some water and pouring it on the identified crabgrass region. This will directly kill the unwanted weed in that region. Every part of the crabgrass or weed must be watered with hot water. 

Keep following the same until you see the weed or the crabgrass becoming brown. After you observe the weed turning brown, try to remove it from the lawn by the root itself so that there won’t be any more of its growth in the future.

Removal of crabgrass with tools

If the crabgrass on the lawn has grown into plants, then utilizing removal tools can help kill or remove the crabgrass from the lawn. The materials you can use to remove it include garden gloves, weeding tools, and mulch. First, apply water to the region where the crabgrass grows to make it easier to dig that region to remove the unwanted weed. Then, with the help of specific tools, dig the soil and pull the crabgrass out from the ground along with the roots. After removing the roots, fill the dug hole with some fresh and new soil and then put mulch over it to cover.

Natural killing of crabgrass

Spraying a few drops of vinegar with the help of a spray bottle onto the region where the crabgrass is growing is also deemed to be helpful. But spraying the vinegar over the region will give effective results only if it has been done during summer or under sweltering conditions. When the crabgrass becomes brown, pull the crabgrass from the ground along with its roots. 

How To Get Rid Of Crabgrass Without Killing Grass

The use of banking soda can also remove the weeds from the lawn. The alkalinity present in the baking soda has the potential to kill the weeds or the crabgrass. The first step you have to carry on is to water the area where the crabgrass is present; then, you have to sprinkle or spray a minimal amount of baking soda over the watered region. When the crabgrass appears brown, remove the crabgrass with the help of some tools.

Crabgrass Killing Solution

The mixture of salt and water will be helpful to kill the crabgrass. So, the sprinkling of the salt solution over the region where the growth of crabgrass is visible will kill them from that region totally. But, be careful while sprinkling the solution on the lawn as this solution can damage other plants and grasses on the lawn.

Citric Acid to kill the crabgrass

Citric acid is available in every home in the form of lemons. Mixing the lemon juice with the vinegar and then putting it into a bottle that you can use for spraying will help kill the crabgrass. After putting it into a spray bottle, you can spray that solution on the roots of the crabgrass in a hot climate or during the summers. This solution can be dangerous for other plants and grass, so spray the solution properly on the weed.

FAQs | How To Get Rid of Crabgrass Without Killing Grass

How do you kill crabgrass without killing regular grass?

You can use many methods to kill the crabgrass without affecting the grass, such as lemon juice solution spraying, vinegar spraying, and some readymade products that you can use to kill the crabgrass.

What is the fastest way to get rid of crabgrass?

Every method takes some time to work effectively on the weeds or the crabgrass. The methods and materials that work faster on the weeds and crabgrass are herbicides, some natural solutions such as baking soda, citric acid, and many others that can kill the weeds and crabgrass easily and quickly.

Does vinegar kill crabgrass?

Spraying vinegar can also kill the crabgrass or the weeds. The vinegar has to be filled in a spray bottle, and then it has to be sprayed on the region where the crabgrass is growing. The process has to be repeated until the crabgrass dies completely.

Should you pull out crabgrass?

After applying some killing solutions to the region where the growth of the crabgrass is seen, the crabgrass can be removed or pulled out from the ground through the roots. The spraying of the solution has to be done on every part of the weed so that they can be killed totally.

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Conclusion | How To Get Rid Of Crabgrass Without Killing Grass

The crabgrass growth in the lawn can be dangerous and can damage the growth and development of other grass and plants growing in the garden. It, in turn, can turn your beautiful green lawn into a horrible-looking place. So, there has to be care and maintenance of the lawn, and the removal of the weeds or crabgrass has to be done to protect the lawn and other plants and trees on the lawn. The main question to consider is how to get rid of crabgrass without killing grass.

So, the solutions to the question have been mentioned above in the article. There are a lot of solutions that you can apply to kill crabgrass. Although the process will be tricky, carrying it smoothly will surely give effective results. Hence, the outcome can take some time or even be faster, but the crabgrass killing will occur for sure after applying the solutions mentioned in the article.

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