Scag Liberty Z Reviews | Worth the Hype?

It is time to liberate your weekend and maybe give your lawn the professional cut. But, how are you going to do that until and unless you own an effective machine? The Scag Liberty Z may be one of those zero-turn mowers that you may have a look at for mowing your lawn. As per the company’s approval, it was reported that the Scag Liberty Z could last as long as five years or a total of 750 hours. Scag Liberty Z reviews have revealed if the machine is more capable than it looks. But let’s dig in to know more.

Scag Liberty Z Reviews

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Scag Liberty Z Reviews │ An Absolute Report 2022

The Scag Liberty Z zero turn mower is designed exclusively for residential customers to provide them with the best mowing machine. Scag Liberty Z reviews 2021 suggests that the device might be ideal for your medium-sized lawn or a large lawn (2-3 acres). Surprisingly, the line of mowers rolled out by the company back in 2020 made sure that the machines work hard on the field and have extreme durability for their customers.

But how much of this can be true? That cannot be judged until and unless you use it for yourself. Scag may be one of the most popular and well-known brands in the commercial mower industry, but what would you do if you wanted a new lawnmower? Have a look at the complete review on Scag Liberty Z to make a wise decision before choosing any products from Scag.



Scag Liberty Z │ Bring Home The Best?

The company has guaranteed that its products are the most durable and robust. But does it ensure efficient mowing performance and a comfortable ride as well? The Liberty Z is a productive machine that is maneuverable, smooth, and comfortable. Scag’s product line has also made a bold move by ensuring that its devices are built tough so that its performance on the field is commendable.

The mowers have been designed to fit any lawn so that the Liberty Z may offer a ‘standout’ mowing service than any other product on the market. But, in the end, all that matters is trusting your choice of the brand. With competitors’ availability, you might want to exercise your options before choosing a product from Scag. Let us closely look at a few problems of the Scag Liberty Z.

Scag Liberty Z | The Buying Guide 

What would define the best mower? A few factors and parameters should be met while looking for a zero-turn lawn mower for your garden. With the help of these fundamental parameters’ checklist, customers would get an idea about how a mower should be and what kind of features and functions they should possess. This is why we have put together an essential buying guide for you to consider before making the final choice. 

Parameters of Buying A Zero Turn Mower

Check Oil Filter & Air Filter

Oil and air filters should be maintained appropriately while the machine is at the store. This is one of the most common issues found in most new machines, and customers cannot detect such issues. If the oil filter and air filter look fine, it shows that the machine has been well-maintained. This would cause fewer mechanical problems in the future.

Check Deck Quality

The deck that comes with the Scag Liberty Z series is considered one of the strongest of a usual mower. However, this should be another critical parameter that you cannot risk ignoring and ensure that the deck is strong enough to withstand enough weight. Try wiggling and check for yourself whether the machine budges or not. 

Check The Hydraulics 

The hydraulics or the control system should not have too much play but should be in its ideal position. Replacing an imbalanced hydraulic would require many costs that you do not want to go for. Therefore, to prevent such problems, you need to check hydraulics yourself at the store. 

What To Expect With Your New Scag?

Customers can expect a whole new experience with the Scag Liberty Z machine. The engines used in most of the Liberty Z models are Kohler and Kawasaki, which proves excellent performance on the field with low maintenance. Talking about the body’s overall weight, then customers would feel the product to be bulky but good enough to maintain its ideal weight distribution. 

The deck of these machines is strong enough that you would have to put extreme pressure to make it budge. On the other hand, the control arms may require some adjustments for a new machine, but they are pretty decent to get the job done. On the other hand, the seat is not flimsy, unlike most mowers, but here you will get a tight and firm seat that proves to be solid while you mow your lawn. 

Scag Liberty Z Major Advantages (2020 Upgrade)

While most brands pay extra attention to making their mowers look cool, they leave out important things that matter the most. But, machines from Scag have proved to be worth enough to get your attention and why they are considered the best in the market. Let us look at a few significant advantages of owning a Scag Liberty Z mower.

Wide & Long Body 

Significant body parts are made up of steel from the steel manufacturing company named Metalcraft. This company is known for its vast manufacturing of steel which has been added to the Scag mowing machines. Because of this, the overall weight may become a bit heavy, but there is a catch to it. The decks of the machines are much more profound, and they stretch much further from the front to back than any other zero-turn mowers. A comprehensive and long body helps throw out grass easily.

Tube-Frame Body

The tube-frame structure proves to be more robust than a regular bar. Scag Liberty Z covers its whole body with a welded straight frame providing maximum comfort to the rider. A normal or an old version of a mower would be an uncomfortable experience if it did not have a tube-frame body.

Better Grip 

There is a major significance for a tight grip while mowing your lawn with a zero-turn mower. Better grip ultimately improves safety while mowing at a slightly sloped area. However, apart from that, the extra heavyweight is somewhat directly responsible for a better grip than any other mowers. 

Properly Arranged Wires (Safeguarded)

Exposed wires are something that most ordinary mowers do not consider a safety feature. But, that is not the case for a Scag beast. All the wires are tucked neatly and navigated appropriately. These wires are wrapped and covered tightly for the rider’s safety, which also allows the mower to be utilized even on a rainy day. 

Scag Liberty Z Reviews

Scag Liberty Z Problems 

Scag’s zero-turn mowers have got quite the reputation in the market for building solid machines with dependable performance. But, this may not be the case for every buyer. Specific problems may arise that the customers may not have expected at all.

May Prove To Be Inefficient In Hilly Terrains

The Scag Liberty Z contains a powerful engine from Kawasaki or Kohler, but this may not always be good enough to work on hilly terrain. People having their lawn in a sloped area would find it difficult mowing the lawn with this machine. Anything above 15 degrees would be a chance of rolling the machine over, which may be dangerous.

Bit Expensive

The beast is super comfortable in controls, easy adjustment, and other features. But, super comfortable features come with a price, and it may be a little more than your expected budget. The Scag Liberty Z is not an inexpensive product, but most people would feel it is a hindrance.

Frequent Maintenance

Being a Scag owner, you would have to take the risk of spending a considerable sum of money to make its maintenance once in a while. Most customers who bought a new machine had to visit the store only after three to four usage times.

Scag Liberty Z Models 

The Scag Liberty Z series comes in many models with variations in its engine, horsepower, and many such kinds of things. Let us have a look at a few top class models from the Scag Liberty Z series below:

SZL36-18FR SZL48-21FR SZL52-23FR SZL61-26KT
Deck Size 36” deck 48” deck 52” deck 61” deck
Engine 18 HP Kawasaki FR 600 21 HP Kawasaki FR651 23 HP Kawasaki FR691 26 HP Kohler 7000 Series Pro
Drive System Hydro-Gear ZT2800 The Hydro-Gear ZT2800 Hydro-Gear ZT2800 The Hydro-Gear ZT3100
Fuel Capacity 3.5 gallons 5.5 gallons 5.5 gallons 5.5 gallons
Speed 7 mph 7 mph 7 mph 7 mph

Scag Liberty Z series have at least ten models which have been upgraded several times during the past couple of years. Different models have different specifications, making customers choose from a wide range of options that suit people’s preferences. 

Scag Liberty Z Accessories 

Scag does not involve selling new or used parts/accessories of its Scag mowers. You can only purchase the Scag accessories through authorized sellers online from e-commerce stores like Amazon or offline. Mentioned below are the additions of the Scag Liberty Z.

  • 2-Bag Grass Catcher
  • Fabric Bag Grass Catcher
  • Hurricane Mulch System
  • Mulch Plate
  • Tiger Stripe Kit
  • Light Kit
  • Trailer Hitch
  • Chrome Wheel Covers
  • Blade Buddy
  • Cutter Deck Transport Latch

Scag Liberty Z accessories

The official website of Scag also contains information regarding its mowers’ accessories like its price, manuals of the product, and warranty information. Depending on the region/area, you could even find a dealer from the website itself.

Scag Liberty Z Real Customer Reviews 

Tool Boss says, “The Scag Liberty Z is the best mower. The product served its purpose extremely well, and I was quite happy with it until it broke down yesterday after six long years.”

 Penny says, “I bought the Liberty Z a year ago, and since then, I have been totally in love with the product. The machine is efficient (26HP Kohler), and it does not slow down at all.”

Scag Liberty Z Reviews

Bremis says, “The Scags are the best mowers out there. I want to purchase one of them because the product would do great on my lawn.”

Shomi says, “The product could have done better with its performance on hilly terrain, but it was not good enough for me. I hoped that it could do much better than other mowers.”

Frequently Asked Questions | Scag Liberty Z Reviews

Is Scag Liberty Z a good mower?

With a powerful and efficient engine, maintenance-free sealed aluminum spindles in Scag are among the best durable machines you can find on the market.

Is the Scag Liberty Z commercial mower?

All new Scag Liberty Z mowers cover a five-year-long warranty or 750 hours warranty for non-commercial use.

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The Scag Liberty Z may have proved to be a productive, highly maneuverable zero-turn mower built for your yard and budget. The Scag Liberty Z product line may have hinted at new customers towards an easy-to-operate machine. The company claims that these machines require simple maintenance and can perform efficiently for years. 

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