Simplicity Snow Blower Reviews | Really Worth It?

Can’t get your head around why Simplicity snowblower reviews are doing the rounds online? Take a chill pill, as we shall illustrate every pertinent detail regarding simplicity snow blowers in this article. 

Shoveling snow manually can be a hassle and prove to be more challenging than it seems. Especially in states like Vermont and Maine where the average snowfall remains more than a whopping 77 inches. Though excessive snowing will automatically alert local authorities to dig out the snow plowers, using such equipment regularly is a costly affair. With each session costing anything between $30-$95, it is much more economical to own a snowblower. But what are snow blowers? How should you go ahead with deciding what to look for and finalize the sale?

Simplicity Snow Blower Reviews

Primarily, there are three types of snow blowers – single-stage, two-stage, and, for some areas, three-stage. Typically, single or two-stage blowers would suffice for your use, as they can be great for areas with 12-23 inches of snowfall. Considering these alternatives, Simplicity snow blowers have been deemed to be one of the best alternatives. Keep reading to find out whether these snow blowers will really fit your bill and be handy!

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Simplicity Snow Blower Reviews | Are They Effective?

This snow blower is manufactured by a Wisconsin-based company, Simplicity, in the United States. Neither of their snowblowers, however, have been verified by any official or certified bodies. Apart from that, they are powered by reliable Briggs and Stratton engines. Simplicity also has a variety of finance programs, namely the Synchrony Bank special financing offers and Sheffield financial programs. Additionally, their rebate schemes also include military and first responder discount program that applies both instant discounts and Visa gift card rebates. Briggs and Stratton’s website also guarantees a sturdy engine that can operate in temperatures as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Segmented market research suggests that more than 78% of its users were extremely satisfied with both models. Customers were especially pleased with the durability and upgraded functionality of both models.

All snow blowers last for a minimum of 10 years and Simplicity snow blowers are no different. One thing that has been frequently complained about is the availability of parts for both single and dual-stage models. As damages will require prompt servicing, any snowblower left unattended will become defunct. Though you may be able to replace wear items like skid shoes, shear pins, and drive belts, professional help would be needed for more intricate parts. Now, let us proceed and take a look at a few parts and the mechanism of this snowblower. 

Simplicity Snow Blowers | How Do They Work?

Simplicity snow blowers reviews elaborate why the company is so highly regarded among other competitors. A lot of these reviews equate the single-stage snowblower to other companies’ dual-stage models. Now all of Simplicity’s snow blowers or snow throwers, are gas-powered with electronic headlights. Their single-stage snow blowers are the lightest and easiest to handle. Best for clearing moderately spacious areas with a snowfall of 12 inches or less, it can clean up both light and wet snow. In this case, the Single-Stage Snow Blowers With SnowShredder™ Auger has an auger that directs the snow through a discharge chute. An auger is a drill-like apparatus that assists in throwing this accumulated snow up to 35 feet. On this model the auger contacts the surface, providing some forward-drive action, so make sure to avoid areas strewn with rocks or gravel. 

velocity -- Simplicity Signature Series Dual-stage Snow Blowers™, typically have larger intakes, so they can work in depths up to 23 inches. Potent blowers over the shaft ensure that spaces like driveways (approximately 60 feet in length) are completely free of icy and wet snow. Quality control tests conducted by Simplicity have revealed a 40% increase in snow removal efficiency. Electric chutes and control pods are also instrumental in providing pinpoint accuracy at the push of a button. Along with single-stage snow blowers, they are also possess heated hand-grips for the user’s comfort.


After going through multiple simplicity snowblower reviews, I came across a few unique selling points. Here are a few of those in brief:

  • Commercial-grade cast-iron auger gearcase
  • Engine-driven wheels to better handle inclines and reduce operator fatigue 
  • Dual LED Headlights for increased visibility 
  • Electric starter option for engines  
  • Serrated steel auger cuts through the toughest snow
  • Compact, lightweight design (Single-stage) 

  • Heated hand grips
  • Quick-adjust deflector handle (Single-stage)
  • Remote chute rotation crank (Single-stage)
  • Control pad adjusts the chute rotation and deflector angle (Dual-stage)

Simplicity Snowblower Problems

Despite how posh and user-friendly it may look, a lot of simplicity snowblower reviews point out some recurrent flaws. Let us go through them:

  • Tacky belt that often comes off
  • Poor assembly
  • Parts are hard to come by and frequently out-of-stock  
  • Fragile engine frameSimplicity Snowblower Problems

How To Use Simplicity Snow Blower?

Gas-propelled snow blowers like Simplicity’s version have quite a few do’s and dont’s. Not abiding by these can cause undue damage. Take a look at a few know-hows down below:

  • Fill up the gas tank or plug in an extension for the electric start function 
  • Adjust the height of the anti-skid shoes 
  • Use the left-hand throttle for accelerating and reversing the entire machine and the right for engaging the snowblower
  • Set the vertical height for the chute by adjusting the quick stick on the left side and the direction of the chute head using the right-sided stick. Note that these have notches where the sticks can be placed, akin to a car’s gear so that it doesn’t float either way during an operation.
  • Pull the throttle all the way up
  • Make sure the key for the tank is in and press the primer button thrice
  • Ensure that the grey choke beneath the primer is all the way to the other side
  • Turn on the engine with the red button on the side of the tank
  • If you are using the cord-pulling function, you tug on the cord handle gently to start the machine
  • Once the engine starts to whirr, return the choke to its original position and continue using the machine. 

Precautions/Direction for use 

Make sure the fuel shut-off switch is set to “on” and the tank is full. Also, make sure that you don’t use fuel that has been in the machine for too long. If your snowblower has a throttle, make sure it’s set to 3/4 speed or higher for best results. Set the choke to the full mode when the temperature is cold as it restricts air intake and prevents the machine from freezing up. 

If your snowblower came equipped with a key, insert it into the slot as it will be inoperable otherwise. Remove and check the spark plug for signs of cracks in the porcelain insulator, heavy carbon buildup on the electrode, or a burnt or damaged electrode. Replace the spark plug, if you find damage. If the spark plug is wet with gasoline (which indicates it’s been flooded), clean the spark plug, turn the engine over several times and then reinsert it. Check to ensure that the carburetor isn’t clogged with fuel if the snowblower has been stored for a long time.

Before And After | Simplicity Snow Blowers Customer Reviews

After using Simplicity’s single-stage snowblower, David said, “ The blower came pre-assembled in the box. All I needed to attach was the snow thrower chute and add oil and gas. The pull and electric starter worked decently. Tested this first on 8 inches of heavy, wet snow. Surprisingly, it was as efficient as my old two-stage snowblower and easier to maneuver. I was particularly impressed with how easily the 250 cc B&S engine maneuvered the heavy, wet street snowplow pile at the end of my driveway. Loved it.”Simplicity Snow Blowers Customer Reviews

After using Simplicity’s single-stage snowblower, Cherlyn said, “ The B & S engine is the same size as most two-stage blowers. The 22-inch entry makes cutting through the plowed snow at the foot of our cul de sac, a breeze. I thought the electric chute was just for show until I used it and now love it along with the headlight. Very happy with the entire purchase. Two suggestions: use an ethanol-free gas alternative and spray the chute with black tire shine; the stuff to make your tires look wet. Using petroleum products like WD 40 keeps snow from sticking as well as prevents the buildup of rust. Trust me on this as one bottle will last years! ”

After using Simplicity’s double stage snow blower, Samwell said, “ I did not buy it from Amazon. It works great. As a senior citizen, I love the 6 speeds this blower has to offer. My old snowblower has 3 speeds: too slow, a little faster, and too fast. Controlling the shooting function from the back is also great. The blower will turn on a dime without lifting or sliding it around. Its only drawback would be that it is heavier than my old smaller machine.”simplicity snow blower problems

After using Simplicity’s double stage snow blower, Ricciardo said, “ Has all the bells and whistles and packs quite a punch. Bumped it a few times on my curb, but the steel frame is sturdy enough to take the hits it seems; so far so good! The engine has stuttered only on one occasion and the wheels make it a lot easier to navigate than other clunkier two-stage models. Haven’t had the need to get repairs but my local dealer also informed me about the availability of parts, so really good signs overall!”

FAQ’S | Simplicity Snow Blower Reviews

This section will look to address all your doubts regarding this product. Hence we have handpicked a selection of the most common queries to refer to. 

How Good Are Simplicity Snow Blowers?

Simplicity Snow Blowers have quite a few advantages as I have already listed. However, they have a few lapses as well. Now it is completely up to you to weigh the pros and cons and decide whether your hard-earned money will be worth it. If statistics is what you are looking for, Amazon had only five ratings out of which two were five stars.

Where Are Simplicity Snow Blowers Made?

Simplicity Snow Blowers are made in Port Washington, Wisconsin by the company. As for the Briggs and Stratton engines used, single-stage ones are made in the USA while the bigger ones are made in Thailand.

Where Can I Look For Simplicity Snow Blowers On Sale?

You can look for Simplicity snow blowers on Amazon. Their website also has a dealer locator facility that you can avail of. Second-hand parts for your snowblower can also be found on eBay. 

Which Is Better: Simplicity Snow Blowers or Ariens?

In this article, I have listed the pointers regarding Simplicity snow blowers. However, if you are looking for Ariens snow blowers, the following points could give you a brief overview. A powerful engine, ample local dealers, good chute stick design, and overall durability seem to be the advantages. Issues have however been reported against internal shafts not being plated anymore and rusting up often. They also have a tendency to auto-turn in narrow spaces. While it is a bit tedious to compare both, I would implore you to consider your budget and needs before going for either. 

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Closure | Simplicity Snow Blowers Review

In this article, I have elaborated on every detail regarding Simplicity snow blower reviews. As a consumer myself, I have faced difficulties regarding such reviews and hence I’ve tried to cover as much as possible. I have also ensured that the technical niche is minimal and pitched only in the necessary areas. However, I would still suggest you conduct your own studies as well. You would definitely be assisted by the plethora of information available here but in such cases too much is never a thing. 

Simplicity snow blowers may be a bit pricey but they stick to industry protocols and are one of the leaders in the snow plowing business. Customer service and individual parts maintenance seem to be the main areas that they lack by a small margin. Apart from that, they seem to be a prudent solution for all your snow plowing worries!

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