Craftsman Riding Mower Reviews: Worth Purchasing?

Worried you haven’t been as involved as others and have missed out on craftsman riding mower reviews? Fret not, as we have gone the extra mile in bringing all available information to you through this article. Here, we have compiled everything about the Craftsman Riding Mower you should know about this in-demand lawn tractor! We have got some Craftsman Riding Mower reviews for your assistance. 

Craftsman Riding Mower Reviews

Craftsman’s T150 Riding Mower is a ride-on lawnmower that has multiple features like cutting speed, versatility, durability, and intuitiveness. Some of the key highlights include the EZ Deck Wash System, Smooth Start Technology, Rear Wheel Drive, Easy Bag Handling, and Easy Glide Height Adjusters. Powered by the reliable Briggs & Stratton Engine, it also ensures automotive-style functioning in all weather conditions. If you’re looking to know more about the specifics, read on below!

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Craftsman Riding Mower Reviews: Effective?

All Craftsman lawnmowers are mainly produced in China, although some are manufactured in Taiwan. Their tools, according to their claims, however, are made in Cheraw, South Carolina in the United States. With a trademark dating back to 1927 Craftsman has been around for quite some time now. They have a 5-year Limited Warranty for the lawnmower’s frame whereas the engine and any additional equipment are only covered for a 3-year period.

Servicing looks to be prompt as well but depends on the closest factory-owned service center or authorized independent repair shop. Parts orders require the model number as it appears on the product and payment method. Quality of cut and ease of operation were some of the other things that seemed to elevate the lawn-mowing experience for customers.

Craftsman riding mower reviews

For any lawnmower, the minimum time of usage is anywhere between 500-1000 hours and that is the same for Craftsman zero turn lawnmower. However, that number is mostly an estimate when you’re not considering major repairs. Overall, most mowers will last around 10 years, but that may vary based on maintenance and a whole bunch of other factors. Regardless, they have a designated dealer network that can allocate proper replacement parts, and manuals and help you out with warranties. Let’s delve deeper into a few more components as well as how this mower works. 

Craftsman Riding Mower | How Does It Operate?

You might not have consulted too many craftsman riding mower reviews before looking up ours. In that scenario, you must be pondering, “Is this how it’s supposed to work? ” or “ What should I ensure is working properly to get the most out of my lawn tractor? ”. OCraftsman’s EZ Deck Wash System allows for the seamless connection of your garden hose, simplifying the cleaning exercise. This way, the cutting efficiency of the mower is ramped up, reducing the accumulation of grass.

It is 20% easier to start your mower as Craftsman’s website states. Should your lawn be situated on hilly terrains, you would be overjoyed with the Rear Wheel Drive technology in Craftsman mowers. This improves the mower’s traction, adapting it to rougher mowing surfaces.

More than this, the Easy Glide height adjusters make it seamless to adjust the height of your mower wheels. Lastly, the Easy Bag Handling – courtesy of the Rear-Door Interlock System – cuts the time and effort required for installing and removing the bag.

The Craftsman T150 comes with a 19-Horse Power Briggs & Stratton Gold engine. This central powerplant provides this lawn tractor with enough torque to glide over even rough turf as well as power the hydrostatic transmission system and the cutting blades. It also has a specially engineered “Mow in Reverse” feature which is also relatively rare, and an emerging feature in the realm of riding lawnmowers. In the past, if you wanted to go in reverse or even power up a steep incline you had to remember to disengage the blades. If you forgot, then you risked the machine bogging out or even stalling.

This could leave you in one heck of a precarious position! A redesigned hydrostatic transmission allows you to back up to get a tough spot, without having to worry about a catastrophic loss of power. Just be mindful that the deck height might need to be raised a little if the trouble spot you are backing toward is on an incline or decline. With a 46-inch mower deck chewing up large swaths of grass quickly and efficiently is also a breeze.

At a reasonable speed, with the deck height set just right you might be able to finish off a level three-acre stretch of lawn in a little over an hour. There is also an integrated deck wash system that helps clear away lawn debris that can accumulate, causing clogging issues and possibly leading to corrosion issues. Overall, the craftsman T150 riding mower seems to be a powerful alternative but does have a few flaws. Keep reading to discover what those are!

Craftsman Riding Mower Advantages

Referring to several Simplicity Broadmoor reviews, revealed a number of positives for this lawnmower. Those points have been neatly arranged below so you can refer to them collectively:

  • Powered by a reliable 19 HP* Briggs & Stratton® ReadyStart® engine with an easy and reliable starting system with no prime, no choke 
  • 18-in turning radius for easy maneuverability and 15×6/20×8 wheels 
  • Hand-controlled hydrostatic transmission allows for a smooth transition in speed and direction 
  • Transmission also allows for backing up out of tough spots
  •  46-in reinforced stamped steel deck for longevity and no-fuss usage
  • Mid-back seat for comfort while operation
  • Variable deck-height settings for customized lawn maintenance
  • Reliable cutting blades that do not break easily and have guaranteed durability

Craftsman Riding Mower Problems

Craftsman’s T150 riding lawn mowers are designed to be more inclusive and heavy-duty than their zero-turn or tow-behind counterparts. However, that does not render this gardening equipment free of errors. As I surfed through numerous craftsman riding mower reviews, these were the common mistakes that kept popping up:

  • Short-lived battery which frustrated more than one customer
  • Fuel tank is susceptible to tarnishing
  • Extra-sensitive seat sensor often causes problems than solve them
  • Shorter warranty and coverage period are outmatched by competitors who offer a more consolidated time period.

How To Use the Craftsman Riding Mower?

As most craftsman riding mower reviews will tell you, the operation may be a bit confusing if you have not used ride-on mowers before. But don’t worry, I have listed down all the basic steps on how you should start and use the lawn tractor. I have tried to eliminate as much of the technical niche as possible but I would implore you to get acquainted with the parts after referring to the operator’s manual. Refer to the steps below to make sure your lawnmower is functioning optimally:

  • Check the oil level. 
  • Make sure that the equipment drive controls are disengaged. 
  • Sit in the seat and lift UP the seat adjustment lever to lock the seat in position. 
  • Engage the parking brake control. Push the brake pedal, pull OUT the parking brake control, and release the brake pedal. 
  • Push the PTO switch to disengage it. 
  • Set the throttle/choke control to the CHOKE position (if equipped). 
  • Make sure that the starter insert is installed in the ignition switch. Push the start button two times and hold until the engine starts. 
  • After the engine starts, move the throttle/choke control to half speed. Turn the engine ON for at least 30 seconds. This will warm the engine.  
  • Set throttle/choke control to the FAST position.

  • Sit in the seat and adjust the seat to comfortably reach all the controls. See Features and Controls. 
  • Engage the parking brake
  • Fully push down on the brake pedal. 
  • Pull UP on the parking brake control. 
  • Release the brake pedal. 
  • Make sure the PTO switch is disengaged. 
  • Start the engine. 
  • Disengage the parking brake:
  • Fully push DOWN on the brake pedal. 
  • Push IN the parking brake control. 
  • Release the brake pedal.  
  • Push down on the speed control pedal to move forward.
  • Release the pedal to stop. Note: The further down the pedal is pushed the faster the tractor will move. 
  • To stop the tractor, release the speed control pedals, set the parking brake, and stop the engine.

Talking Points | Craftsman Riding Mower Customer Reviews

Having used the Craftsman T150 riding mower, Wilfred mentioned, “I am a senior so this is the only way to mow for me, I love my Craftsman riding mower. It cuts so well. I’ve owned it for 3 years. Easy maintenance, just replaced the blades and it’s like new. I moved to Florida from Colorado and lived in the mountains, no lawn to mow there, but here in Palm Coast, we take pride in our yards.”

Craftsman riding mower customer reviews

Lisa, another customer, was more specific about the lawn tractor as she pointed out some key features, “We actually researched a couple of seasons for just what we wanted as we limped our old Craftsman on. Replacing everything under the deck bought us some time but this year we sold it and went to Lowe’s to get another craftsman. Has a cupholder which my husband wanted and I wanted no clutch and brake with the right foot, medical thing. Has a 46′ deck and works very well. Definitely recommend.”

Craftsman riding mower customer reviews

Antonio, on the other hand, was unsatisfied with the purchase as he exclaimed, “Had one with a Kohler engine. This was the worst Craftsman I ever owned. I will not buy another unless it has a B&S engine. The oil plug was seeping oil because a nut worked loose and oil leaked out on the ground on the Kohler and I didn’t see it and the warranty co. Refused to replace the engine when it seized up. I never had an issue with a B&S engine.”

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FAQs | Craftsman Riding Mower 

This section will look to answer any doubts you might still have regarding the Craftsman riding mower. Hopefully, these will help you get more clarity on this lawnmower and allow you to make an informed decision regarding its purchase! 

Where Can I Find a Craftsman Riding Mower for Sale?

The Craftsman T150 riding mower is available on Amazon however the availability is very prone to change. Hirt Powersports is another online domain that has this ride-on mower available for sale along with its parts and accessories. 

Why Will My Craftsman Riding Mower Not Start?

Check whether you have followed all the instructions that have been mentioned above. In case the mower is still not starting, look up the attached guide that came with your mower. Personally, I would suggest checking the battery before using the battery-operated functions as it is often at fault. In the worst-case scenario, you might have to contact customer support or get back to your local Craftsman supplier. 

Where Can I Find a Craftsman Riding Mower With Bagger?

The Craftsman T150 has an exciting set of accessories available for purchase that enhances its usability. Unfortunately, most service providers sell them separately and the only place you might get it along with the mower is from your local dealer. 


In this review piece, we have tried our best to supply all types of data that you may look for in Craftsman riding mower reviews. Often, it’s the other way round as you’ll only get specific parts and the actual mower will be unavailable. You may also find a bit of a technical niche and have difficulty while hunting for parts. However, with the video guide.

We would, however, implore you to consult more reviews and ask your local dealer for more details on the same, before you choose to buy it.  Craftsman riding mowers are highly-priced alternatives but mostly because they are a solid one-time investment option for experienced and amateur gardeners alike. Though the warranty coverage may be bothersome, it is one of the best ride-on mowers available on the market at the moment. Without that, this lawnmower is absolutely top-notch for regular use and in maintaining your gardening space!

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