Craftsman Zero Turn Reviews | Viable Option?

Trying to figure out why Craftsman Zero Turn reviews are stirring up a storm? Well, don’t worry because we have you completely covered with our step-by-step guide. In this article, we shall divulge all aspects of these coveted lawnmowers to help you make an informed choice! 

Lawnmowers come in various shapes and sizes, all suited for a number of uses. However, you’re gravely mistaken if you think a zero-turn mower like the Craftsman zero turn variant is suited for sporadic use. Now, if you have consulted reports like Fortune Business’s list of zero-turn mowers’ market shares, you may be inclined to think along those lines. Customers generally opt for these mowers because of their optimum precision in lawn trimming as well as maneuverability. Incidentally, the entire lawnmower market has a projected growth of $53,715.1 million by 2030. Not surprising, given the increase in gardening within private spaces in the aftermath of the pandemic. Let us now move on to what you should look for when browsing for these types of lawnmowers!

Craftsman Zero Turn Reviews

The Craftsman zero turn mower is a zero-turn ride-on lawnmower by nature. Primarily, the various models are separated by the HP (Horsepower) of the engines used and accordingly, there are three categories: 22 HP, 23 HP, and 24 HP. However, the mower deck size also varies as the 22 HP model has a 46 in. deck, the 23 HP variant comes with a 50 in. one and the 24 HP model has a 54 in. deck. If you’re looking to know more about the specifics, read on below!

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Craftsman Zero Turn Reviews: Is It Effective?

All Craftsman zero turn lawnmowers are mainly produced in China, although some are manufactured in Taiwan.  Their tools, according to their claims, however, are made in Cheraw, South Carolina in the United States. With a trademark dating back to 1927 Craftsman has been around for quite some time now. They have a 5-year Limited Warranty for the lawnmower’s frame whereas the engine and any additional equipment is only covered for a 3 year period. Servicing looks to be prompt as well but depends on the closest factory-owned service center or authorized independent repair shop. Parts orders require the model number as it appears on the product and payment method.

An assorted range of accessories for the different models is also available; starting from modified mulching kits and side discharging blades to air filters and engine oil. Powered by a reliable 20 HP Kohler® 7,000 twin-cylinder engine, this mower also has a sturdy cutting deck made with reinforced steel to last a lifetime. Craftsman also repeatedly stresses the comfortable 15″ Ergonomic High-Back Seat which mitigates bumps and vibrations and helps reduce fatigue; an essential feature for part-time and seasoned gardeners alike. The commercial-grade reinforced mower deck also has a unique Deck Wash System that saves time and makes it easy for you to keep the cutting deck clean.

craftsman zero turn parts

This product is frequently out of stock on Amazon but still has a decent few ratings. About 83% of users awarded a four and five-star rating to the Z525(22 HP), Z550(23 HP), and Z560(24 HP) models. Among its’ other features, customizability along with easy and hassle-free starting was the most sought after.

For any lawnmower, the minimum time of usage is anywhere between 500-1000 hours and that is the same for Craftsman zero turn lawnmower. However, that number is mostly an estimate when you’re not considering major repairs. Overall, most mowers will last around 10 years, but that may vary based on maintenance and a whole bunch of other factors. Regardless, they have a designated dealer network that can allocate proper replacement parts, manuals and help you out with warranties. Let’s delve deeper into a few more components as well as how this mower works. 

Craftsman Zero Turn | How Does It Function?

Chances are you have not looked up too many Craftsman zero turn reviews before stumbling upon this one. In that case, you’re surely wondering, “Okay how do I know it is working?” or “ What should I look for to ensure it is functioning properly?”.Now the best thing about these mowers is their engines. Depending on the model, it is going to be either Kawasaki, HP Kohler, or the omnipresent Briggs and Stratton V-twin engines. Enough acceleration can allow it to go up to a maximum of 6.5 mph in the forward direction, and up to 3.5 mph while backing up. The deck’s cutting height varies between 1.5 to 3.75 inches and total deck size is a variable option according to the models, as I’ve mentioned before. 

craftsman zero turn engine

The electric blade engagement system is perfect for all flat terrains with obstacles and is thus the best alternative for your lawn. You can control the cutting height of the deck using the six divots. Enough about the inner workings. Let’s talk durability now. A fabricated steel front axle, a spindle made of aircraft-grade aluminum, 14 gauge stamped steel mowing deck and a fully welded reinforced steel frame ought to ease your worries. What’s more, is an affordable and durable double bagger that conveniently catches grass clippings as you mow. This accessory is sold separately but is a worthwhile investment regardless. All in all, the Craftsman zero turn models seem to pack quite a punch but that does not mean they are devoid of any shortcomings. Keep reading to discover what those are!

Craftsman Zero Turn Advantages

Referring to several Craftsman zero turn reviews, revealed a few common positives for this lawnmower. Those points have been succinctly arranged beneath so you can refer to them at your leisure:

  • Top Speed of 6.5 MPH: Makes quick work of any lawn.
  • Heavy-Duty EZT Hydrostatic Transmission: Delivers reliable power and performance. 
  • Six Easy-T-Adjust Cutting Heights: Let you match the deck height to the growing conditions.
  • Reinforced Deck for added strength and durability 
  • Fabricated Steel Cutting Deck offers superior strength and durability 
  • Padded Dual Lever Controls: For smooth and precise drive engagement.
  • Comparatively large Fuel Tank holds up to 3.5 gallons of fuel for less refueling during large mowing projects.
  • Removable Foot Pan gives you easy access to the top of the mower deck for maintenance and cleaning.
  • Anti-Scalp Wheels help protect the deck when mowing on uneven terrains
  • Six variable divots on the mower deck to adjust to your lawn cutting needscraftsman zero turn mower parts

Craftsman Zero Turn Problems

Craftsman Zero Turn Mowers have been manufactured with care but even then, they miss out on some key aspects. As is the case with lawnmowers and other electronic gardening equipment, a majority of these drawbacks are related to individual parts. However, some of them may look unusual to you so I have noted them down here:

  • All three of the models take up considerable storage space
  • Battery problems after replacement and in some cases from the beginning 
  • Weak fuselage is often susceptible to damage craftsman zero turn mower battery

How To Use the Craftsman Zero Turn?

The instructions to get the Craftsman Zero Turn mower working are pretty much the same as other lawnmowers. On that note, it is important to follow the order of these steps to make sure you preserve the longevity of the mower as well as get maximum output. I have tried to eliminate as much of a technical niche as possible but it should be easier to understand if you are acquainted with the basics. Refer to the steps below to make sure your lawnmower is functioning optimally:

  • Pull out the oil dipstick, situated on one side of the engine and clean it before re-inserting it 
  • Check for the hours of operating time left and monitor it using the digital meter board in the edge of the ignition and the electric PTO switchboard. 
  • Position the stick throttle to the mid-level and then crank it until it starts
  • Set the ignition to on. This is a pretty straightforward key-and-lock ignition so it should be simple to use. 
  • Adjust the mower deck after releasing the deck key and re-attaching it to the desired divot. These divots are situated on a horizontal plate with the heights indicated beside each of them. Now lower or heighten the cushioned lever to move the whole deck accordingly.   
  • Ensure that the parking brakes are positioned up before starting the machine.
  • The main handles for accelerating and reverse need to be turned outwards or else the engine won’t start. 
  • Start the PTO by pressing the switch.
  • To move forward and backward push both the handles in the respective directions; to move leftwards push down on just the right handle and vice versa
  • In case you’re having trouble using the mower refer to this video down below!

Talking Points | Craftsman Zero Turn Customer Reviews

After using the Craftsman zero turn lawnmower, Pete mentioned, “After almost a year since I purchased this equipment, now I consider is the time to provide an honest review of it. Enough power to do my yard (1 acre), well built (sturdy, heavy machine). This year I used this machine for 40 hours without any problems. Easy to make the oil changes (two so far), I replaced the blades due to an incident where I hit some roots and damaged them. Replacement of the blades took me 20 to 30 minutes at the most. So far I am pleased with my purchase and definitely I will recommend this 0 turn mower. The price was excellent compared to similar units. (Advice: Purchase this type of equipment during wintertime when the prices are lower.”

craftsman zero turn customer reviews

William, a senior citizen himself, customer precisely pointed out what he liked about the Craftsman zero turn lawnmower, “I am a senior so this is the only way to mow for me, I love my Craftsman riding mower. It cuts so well. Have owned it for 3 years. Easy maintenance, just replaced the blades and it’s like new. I moved to Florida from Colorado, lived in the mountains, no lawn to mow there, but here in Palm Coast, we take pride in our yards. I have bought Craftsman products all my adult life and they never let me down. I highly recommend this riding mower. A lot of people have lawn service but I do all my own lawn service so I figure I have saved a lot of money over the years by getting this rider.”

craftsman zero turn customer reviews

However, another experienced gardener, Tina, was very critical of the model as she was nowhere near impressed with its performance or with Craftsman’s customer service, “ Lowe’s does not stand behind the products that they sell. If you don’t pay for an extended warranty you’re done for. Didn’t think I needed an extended warranty, after all, it’s a “Craftsman”; Nonsense! It’s really sad how you will be lucky if you don’t have to pay for repairs with the warranty. I purchased a Craftsman Tiller for $800 on 4-5-2020, used it twice to till the garden. Still has paint on the blades if that tells you how new it is. Tried to take it back to Lowes on 3-29-21. The bottom seal around the blades blew out, oil everywhere. Lowes put me off and did nothing. Very rude service rep and the manager could care less, bet if it was his he would feel differently. You couldn’t give me anything with the name Craftsman and I’ll be using Home Depot from here on out. Safe to say they’ve gained one mad ex-customer.”

FAQ’s | Craftsman Zero Turn 

This section will look to answer any doubts you might still have regarding the Craftsman Zero Turn mower. Hopefully, these will help you get more clarity on this lawnmower and allow you to make an informed decision regarding its purchase! 

How to Start Craftsman Zero Turn?

The Craftsman Zero Turn is easy to operate and maintain. Follow the instructions given above to make sure that you retain its efficiency for a longer period! Coming to this particular question, you have to first check the emergency brakes and engage them. Once you have ensured that the mower is completely stationary, proceed to turn off the ignition and remove the key.

Is Craftsman Zero Turn a Good Mower?

Despite not having a consistent parent company, Craftsman is considered a high-end maker of residential lawnmowers. They are considered some of the best available and are available at lawn mower retail stores, and certain models, including some riding mowers, can be purchased on websites like Amazon. Online retailers like Sears also have a commendable stock of parts for these lawnmowers. 

Who Makes Craftsman Zero Turn Mowers?

Craftsman Zero Turn Mowers are majorly made by one company. The company itself has gone through many owners and is currently part of Husqvarna. The production facility is located in Orangeburg, SC. MTD, a company in Cleveland, OH., makes their smaller riding mowers. Craftsman has gone through quite a few changes over the last 20 years. As of today, Apr 2020, they are owned by Black&Decker, however, they can continue to use their name. Lowe’s also has the arrangement to sell Craftsman tools. 

Closure: Craftsman Zero Turn Reviews 

In this review piece, I have tried my best to supply all types of data that you may look for in Snapper Zero Turn reviews. One of the main things I have experienced while looking for lawnmowers is that mainstream websites like Amazon have little to look for. Although you may get the entire product from such retail sites, obtaining information about their parts is a Herculean task. You may also find a bit of technical language and have difficulty identifying parts. But with the video guide I have attached, it should be made simpler. However, like with every review, I would implore you to conduct your own research as well.  

Craftsman zero turn lawnmowers are moderately priced alternatives and are solid options for first-time buyers. The company also manufactures a range of useful tools, lawnmowers, and outdoor gear. Mainly part of a larger brand called Sears, today they are completely independent and produce some of the best mowers to assemble. Though the warranty coverage may be a bother it is one of the best zero-turn mowers available on the market at the moment. Without that, this lawnmower is perfect for when you are trying to figure out your ideal gardening kit!

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