Country Clipper Mower Problems And their Solutions (2023)

Country clippers offer an environmentally friendly option for those looking to maintain their lawns at home. Clipper mowers have become the standard, and there are many good reasons why. The best part is they are affordable. You can get a good, dependable model without making a hole in your pocket. But is this machine absolutely perfect? The answer is no. There are a few Country Clipper Mower Problems that its users have faced. But they are not unsolvable.

Common Country Clipper Mower Problems

This mower is great for small yards with no need for edging measures or clearing stumps or plants. With a small work radius and one rotating blade, these mowers are perfect for tight corners and near fences, which other units would struggle to reach. If you live in an area with plenty of tight spaces but not much lawn – this may be the answer! The country clipper was the first rotary mower introduced and is still one of the most popular to this day.  The Country Pro is designed with a higher-strength steel cutting wheel and can be outfitted with a few other options that allow homeowners to tailor this mower to their needs- moving attachments, four-wheel steer, etc.

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Country Clipper Mower Problems | All Aspects of The Machinery

The country clipper mower is primarily made of steel and requires no maintenance; regular oiling will suffice. You can use it on lawns, pastures, meadows, and other grass areas. The mower does not need to be plugged into an outlet or have any fuel supply to operate. It is a lightweight tool that can be lifted by one person and moved around without hassle. You can use it to cut all types of grass on lawns. 

The country clipper mower is not intended for use on damp grass because it will cause the mower blades to rust. It is highly recommended that the mower be stored in a dry place when not in use to avoid the blades’ rusting. The country clipper is used in a circular motion over the grass’s surface. You can adjust the mower to different heights, and several adjustments are available. The blade of the country clipper can turn at three different speeds and has been a feature of this mower since its introduction into the market.

Common Country Clipper Mower Problems and their Solution

Clipper mowers are a popular choice for residential lawn-owners. They mulch the grass clippings and leaves in their wake, making them easier to deal with and keeping your yard looking tidy. But like all tools, they have problems and shortcomings, so getting them fixed is crucial to keeping it running in top shape. Here are three common problems with a short description of how you can remedy them: 

Clip Mower Wheels Lift-Off of Ground – The clipper’s wheels lift off the ground due to uneven terrain or heavy loads. A simple solution to this is to use a push mower to cut the grass and clean up the leaves within reach of the mower. 

Mower Won’t Start – This happens for a few reasons, but it usually occurs because the clipper engine does not have enough fuel or oil in its tank. The clipper should be lubricated regularly and have sufficient fuel in reserve at all times. When there isn’t enough fuel in the tank, the engine simply can’t be started. 

The blade won’t turn on at all – Sometimes, a part of the mechanism becomes loose or unscrews itself over time due to exposure to moisture and other factors. You can try tightening these parts by hand until they’re snug and see if that works. If not, check the manual for specific solutions.

Common Country Clipper Mower

Clipper Engine Fails – Clipper engines may fail for several reasons, such as a lack of fuel. It isn’t easy to start a clipper engine when it’s out of fuel, so always maintain the amount of fuel you have in your tank. However, clippers can also fail because there isn’t enough oil in their tanks or the oil has become too old and degraded. The engine will become too hot or will simply shut off without warning. If this happens, you’ll need to change the oil in your engine.

The blade cuts rough and not smooth- Sometimes, blades get damaged with constant use and do not do the job correctly. For this, you can change the cutting blades and adjust them to fit your needs or try sharpening your blades. Call the clipper’s customer service if the unit is still under warranty. 

Mower cable- Cables are the easiest part of mowers to replace. If you have greasy hands, use gloves or even a sock while tinkering with it! A cable can fail in many places and take different forms, so finding the problem is difficult without tearing apart your entire mower. A general rule of thumb: If your mower is over 5 years old, then you should consider replacing the cable.

Customer Reviews | Common Country Clipper Mower Problems 

John, a happy customer, said, “I recently purchased a Country Clipper Mower, I really love it. It’s well built and runs like a dream.”

Adam happily said, “Overall, this mower is a great choice for any home or business. It is made to take a beating and last a long time. This single mower will save you several hours of work each year and give you an enjoyable lawn care experience.”  

Common Country Clipper Mower


‘’Country Clipper Mower has all the mowers designed to meet customers’ needs at a very affordable cost. Their line-up includes top-quality, high-end power equipment built to lastsays Josh.

“I am so glad I found this mower! It does not take up too much room in my garage like the self-propelled mowers do and it is easy for me to push.” – Alice W.

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FAQs | Country Clipper Mower Problems

Is Country Clipper a good mower?

The answer to this question is a resounding YES! Country Clipper is a leading provider of lawn mowers and related products. Country Clipper has grown to be a leader in the industry, providing customers with reliable products that are constantly advancing in technology.

Where are Country Clipper mowers made?

Clipper Corporation manufactures Clipper Mowers in Ames, Iowa. Clipper Corporation produces seven models of agricultural mowers and four models of landscape products.

Conclusion  | Country Clipper Mower Problems

If you’re looking for a high-quality machine that’s tough, heavy-duty, and built to last, the Country Clipper is perfect for you. The Country Clipper Mower Problems are meager. The Country Clipper is heavier than most other push reel lawn mowers but surprisingly easy to maneuver around your yard. The wheels are enormous, and the handle folds down for easy storage. If you have a large yard, the Country Clipper is probably over-killed, but if your yard is smaller or you feel like pushing your mower around, this machine is perfect for you.

In the end, it’s on you to decide whether you want to go with the product or not. You can also go for some more customer reviews and get a clear understanding.

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