Stamped VS Fabricated Deck | A Complete Analysis

For most of us, mowing our lawn is a simple chore that takes about ten minutes. Unfortunately for those with more than one lawn, it can be a workday-long task. As such, a mower deck makes sense as an investment in the future. Over time, your mower’s engine will wear out, and you’ll need to replace it. But mower decks can last for over a decade. Mower decks are set to a specific height or deck setting dependent on style, blade size, and cutting requirements. 

Stamped Deck Mowers VS Fabricated Deck Mowers

When setting a mower deck, it is essential to remember that this setting is critical as it affects the weight distribution of the mower and its ability to handle uneven terrain or varying grass heights. If you maintain a lawn year-round, understanding the difference between stamped and fabricated mower decks can help you to select the right deck for your lawn care needs. This article will present a complete analysis of Stamped VS Fabricated Deck for you to make a wise decision. It will also list the pros and cons of each so that you can make an educated decision on which to purchase.

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Stamped VS Fabricated Deck | A Complete Analysis

Stamped Deck Mowers

Stamped decks, sometimes called perforated decks, are cheaper to buy and install than fabricated decks because they require no special tools or equipment. They are basically a sheet of metal that has been stamped into shape with holes in them. The sheet of metal is bent into the basic shape of a mower deck and welded. Then, an augur is welded to enable the mower to move forward and backward, and cutting wheels are welded or bolted to enable the deck to cut grass.

Stamped Deck Mowers

Stamped deck mowers are made of steel, or aluminum parts stamped out in one swift motion, cutting down on production time and cost. Since they don’t require frequent maintenance, stamped deck mowers can save homeowners a great deal of money over the long haul.

Pros of Stamped Deck Mowers 

  • Cheaper to buy and install 
  • No special tools or equipment needed 
  • No high-powered machinery such as a welder, cutting wheel, and an augur needed
  • Cheaper to repair

Cons of Stamped Deck Mowers

  • Expensive
  • May require replacement if bent in a collision or damaged during regular use
  • Deck may not have enough clearance for grass cutting equipment such as blades, baggers, and mower decks

Fabricated Deck Mowers

Fabricated decks are custom-made to the exact dimensions, shape, and size of your mower. They can be cut, bent, and welded by yourself without using special tools or equipment. Fabricated decks come in various shapes and sizes but are generally a shape that closely matches the original mower’s shape. 

Fabricated Deck Mowers

Fabricated decks are an excellent choice for landscapers and homeowners who want to keep their lawns in pristine condition. A fabricated deck is built from a series of angled plastic blades mounted onto a frame, with angles that have been calculated. It is so that the blades work together like a conveyor belt. The blades are sharpened on one side, and their edges rotate toward their neighbor at an even rate. Fabricated deck mowers are incredibly effective at removing thatch and thatch-like growths, such as weeds and crabgrass.

Pros of Fabricated Deck Mowers

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Suitable for limited space
  • Safe and user-friendly
  • Easy to relocate
  • Cheaper
  • Convenient size and portable

Cons of Fabricated Deck Mowers

  • Require maintenance
  • Expensive
  • Great amount of skill required to operate them properly

Stamped vs Fabricated Mowers Deck | Which One Is The Best?

The stamped VS fabricated mowers deck is the eternal question that always comes up in lawn care. Stamped mower decks are made with metal plates, put on top of each other to create the shape of a blade. Fabricated decks are created by bending wood or metal together and welding them. Stamped decks have a long history as they allow for more speed than fabricated ones. They also have less vibration, so your blades will last longer, and you won’t need to replace them as often. Fabricated decks are more robust and durable, but they cost more money. The built-in ventilation system is a massive benefit of the stamped deck. There is no need to worry about mold or mildew, which means you’ll spend less time and money on maintenance.

Fabricated Mowers Deck

Customer Reviews | Stamped VS Fabricated Deck

Jack mentions, “If I were going to build a mower deck, I would go with the fabricated one. But you must be handy and do your homework regarding how you want it built.”

“I would go with the fabricated one. It gives you more options, looks better, and is less expensive than a stamped deck.” – Dave R. 

“I used to own a Stamped deck, and honestly, it is the best machine ever. It cuts my lawn beautifully, and I am never worried that it will not do a good job”, says Aliena.

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FAQs | Stamped VS Fabricated Deck 

Is a Fabricated Deck worth the money?

A fabricated deck is worth the money because it is heavy-duty and won’t corrode quickly due to exposure to elements like water and salt. The average tractor can haul about two tons, so it might take three or four years to pay for the deck in fuel savings alone. It will be much quieter than any aluminum or cast-iron deck because it is completely enclosed and insulated. Your investment in a good-quality fabricated deck will pay dividends in the long run.

Is Stamped Deck durable?

Stamped sheet metal mower decks are popular for several reasons. They’re lightweight and durable and are available in a multitude of sizes. In addition, stamped mower decks offer the versatility to cut grass as a mulching deck or discharge deck by simply removing an insert.

What is better, Stamped or Fabricated?

Each deck is made from high-quality steel but has individual qualities that make them better for certain people. Stamped decks are cheaper because the manufacturing process is quicker and cheaper. Fabricated decks provide more uniformity in the thickness of the metal, which allows it to cut grass better than a stamped deck. Fabricated decks are more robust than stamped decks because they are manufactured using more high-quality steel.

Conclusion | Stamped VS Fabricated Deck

The stamped VS fabricated mowers deck decision is tough. If you want to get the deck that is going to be the best for your needs, it is essential to calculate what it is you are looking for in a deck. 

Does your area have many rocks or sticks that would chew up a mower deck? Would you be better off with a fabricated mower deck? If you have no problem with rocks or sticks in your yard, you might get away with using a stamped deck. Analyze the pros and cons to know what kind of investment you are making and whether or not it will work for your property.

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