RM18 Weed Killer Review | Is It A Fast Acting Weed Killer?

RM18 claims to solve various problems like unwanted weeds, broadleaf plants, and grass. It also promises to provide you with speedy solutions to multiple issues like these. RM18 weed killer reviews highlight its qualities and drawbacks. It settles deep down and destroys the weeds seedlings from roots preventing regrowth.

RM18 Weed Killer Reviews

RM18 does not only kill unwanted Weeds and broadleaf but also hampers their growth again. Where solution up to 10 gallons is Perfect for 3000 sq. ft. for lawn replacement, clearing sideways for walking, killing weeds, fence lines, backyards buildings, etc. RM18 kills the weeds and leaves the soil fertile for desirable green plants. While gallons up to 106 are perfect for 31, 800 sq. ft. or areas bigger than that.

RM18 Weed Killer Reviews | Is It A Fast Acting Weed Killer?

When looking for fast results, you don’t have time for preparation; RM18 is your savior in such times. It is an Unwanted Weed control solution for broadleaf plants, grass, and other invasive plants. Perfect equipment for lawns for clearing walking paths and clearing unwanted weeds along fence lines, roadsides even near the pond side. RM18 successfully kills weeds leaving your soil fertile and entirely available for plants. 

RM18 Fast -Acting Weed and Grass Killer, 64-ounce
  • Makes up to 21 gallons to ready-to-use spray solution
  • Treats up to 6,300 Square feet
  • Visible results in 12 hours

As weeds absorb nutrition from the soil, making it infertile for the plants, RM18 eliminates that by killing unwanted weeds. It starts to kill weeds within 12-13 hours of contact by producing substances like Kudzu, poison ivy, poison oak, & dandelions, and other poisonous substances that kill weeds. It is generally not advised for pets and humans to come in contact with the area where RM18 is sprayed. You can also call it a rodent repellent but better. 


HR18 comprises a rare combination of two herbicides, glyphosate, and diquat, where glyphosate is a broad-spectrum systemic herbicide generally used for killing broadleaf plants; diquat is a herbicide that produces desiccation and defoliation.

Kudzu, wild blackberry, poison ivy, poison, and dandelions are slow in results compared to these products. Also, it is advisable not to go near where these substances are sprayed until they dry.

Where to use, When to use, and Necessary Precautions 

Where to use it?

RM18 can be used to clear an area from weeds to plant a garden or flowerbed. Provided it should not be used for activities like spot weed treatment after planting vegetables or fruits, this will cause damage to the plants. It is generally recommended to do it before planting a flower bed. Hand pulling is considered beneficial for garden weeds.

When to use it?

To get speedy and good results, it is suggested to spray it on a warm, sunny day; too much wind will hamper the results. Look for a calm day when the weeds are actively growing. For small weeds and seedlings, use a small recommended amount. Use a larger recommended quantity for bigger plants like broadleaf plants and harder-to-kill weeds for better results.


  • Keep pets and other people from direct contact with the places where this substance is sprayed.
  • Experts or professional handlers should only deal with the application of this substance. Consult an expert for any queries.
  • The area should be prohibited from entry until the sprayed area doesn’t dry.
  • It is not meant for fruits and food crops.
  • Pets should be prohibited from entering the sprayed area as this substance causes nervous problems in pets.
  • Avoid using it on windy days as wind hampers the process.

How to mix RM18 for better results?

RM18 is one such product that enables the fast killing of weeds and other unwanted plants without much effort. But, to ensure that the product works well, you must be cautious to check that it is applied correctly.

  • Apply the recommended solution ratio– The proper ratio will depend on the type of weeds you want to remove. Depend on your weed control goals. For small weeds and seedlings, use a small recommended amount. Use a larger recommended quantity for bigger plants like broadleaf plants and harder-to-kill weeds for better results.
  • Mix the solution properly– Depending on the size of land where you want to spray, RM18 can be used in a Tank sprayer and Horse-end sprayer. Add 4 to 6 ounces of RM18 to every 300sq. Ft. Using the tank sprayer, more plastic and fiberglass are preferred. Avoid using stainless steel or underlined steel containers. Tank sprayers are generally used within an area of 300sq.ft. to 400s site. More than that won’t give better results. For hose-end sprayers, an Ortho Dial ’n Spray is suggested. Avoid using water while spraying, and spray evenly.

  • How to spray it evenly– A few tips would benefit you while you use RM18 weed killer to knock out extra grow and unwanted plants in your garden area. First, spray water on the weeds and unwanted plants you want to get rid of; this will facilitate better application. Also, while spot-treating, you cover other desirable plants with cloth or cardboard. Even a few drops of the RM18 solution can destroy your desirable plants. 

Customer Feedback | RM18 Weed Killer Reviews

Genelia said, “RM18 did the job and did it in the best possible way. I have been using other herbicides to kill unwanted plants and weeds; they all worked but didn’t show amazing results. But RM18 is wow!! In dealing with noxious weeds and works perfectly every single time. I would recommend it to all the people fond of gardening and facing these problems.”

Jazz said: Reviewed in the United States, “The product showed amazing results, the unwanted Weeds and grasses began wilting within a few hours from application, and after one week from the application, even harder to remove weeds, grasses and a dozen different types of broadleaf plants will be seen dead on the walkways.”

Max says, California, US, “I will say that this substance has a tendency to sink but, no second thoughts given I saw best results! When we get heavy rains, lots of weeds and unwanted broadleaf plants used to grow in the backyard. It was harder to remove weeds. But, if would’ve been a boon if it could kill mosquitos. Well, I bought a good mosquito repellent for that.”


How long does it take for RM18 to show results?

RM18 hardly takes 12-14 days to show evident results when used on tiny weed seedlings and plants. Coming to more complicated to remove weeds and big broadleaf plants, it may take up to some 2-3 weeks.

Under what temperature RM18 weed killer should be used?

It is generally advised to use RM18 weed killer on a calm sunny day as too much windy climate hampers the process. Also, an ideal temperature for using this product is around 40-42°C.

Can this be used along a row of desirable plants?

It is safe to use it along a row of desirable plants. Provided you cover those plants with a sheet of cardboard or some cloth or even a few drops of RM18 solution can destroy your plants.


RM18 weed killer reviews show that this product is a success in the field of herbicides. Whenever there’s a need for a fast herbicide for destroying weeds and unwanted plants, RM18 will lie on top of the list. It hardly takes 12-14 days to show results. That is the fastest in comparison to other herbicides and pesticides. There are only a few precautions to be kept in mind while using RM18, i.e., Avoid human and animal contact with the area where the RM18 is sprayed until it dries up. Secondly, while using it along with desirable plants, ensure you cover them to protect them from harm.

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