Mouse Magic Repellent Reviews | Is It Worth It?

Whether you live a busy, fast-paced life with little time to maintain one’s living space or a farm where rodents are inevitable, realizing you have a mice infestation is never a pretty sight. Mice and other rodents carry the most disease-causing microbes has to be the primary reason why so many people want to keep their population in control, especially in one’s dwellings. But how does one manage to do that when the group of animals in question thrives in a breadth of living conditions and attracts other animals of their kind as well? 

Mouse Magic Repellent Reviews

And to make matters worse, they multiply very quickly and can survive off of anything. So things can go haywire before you know it. Some people use poisons or live traps to deal with this problem. But these options might not appeal to you if you are environmentally conscious and do not want to harm the ecosystem or if you are concerned for your kids’ or pets’ safety. 

Mouse repellents serve as an alternate solution for being harmless and environmentally friendly. Several kinds of natural repellents are available on the market, from anything to sprays to ultrasonic devices. And if that has captured your interest, get excited, as we have one such product for you today. We have some genuine Mouse Magic Repellent reviews to unveil the truth, so let us delve straight in.

Mouse Magic Repellent Reviews • Is Natural the Way to Go?

Out of all the types of repellents, we will be focusing on essential oils, primarily peppermint, for the sake of our product as it is generally believed to work for the purpose. However, this is not backed by science, but a few reasons can suffice as an explanation. One is the acute sensitivity to smell, as the strong peppermint fragrance inflames their nasal cavity.

We also mentioned the rats’ capacity to attract other rats, which happens due to the release of pheromones. Peppermint oil and other essential oils also mask these pheromone tracks making it hard to navigate and for new rats to follow along. Other than the practical aspects, these are also safe to use and can leave a pleasant smell behind.

Our product for today, called the Bonide Mouse Magic Mouse Repellent, is an all-natural mouse repellent consisting of active ingredients of 2% peppermint and spearmint oil each and 96% inert ingredient Fuller’s Earth. These are highly user-friendly and versatile due to their convenient sachet packaging, so application is as easy as placing the sachets in target areas.

This also allows you to cover a wide array of areas within your home, like garages, attics, sheds, patios, and many more, and you never once have to worry about your kids or pets coming in contact with them.  Available in 4, 12, or more sachets per packet, you can easily find the product online through several e-commerce websites.


And now that we are equipped with the knowledge of peppermint oil-based repellents, we can understand what makes them a good deal. Here are some things worth noting about the Mouse Magic Repellent.

  • It does not contain harmful chemicals and is safe for people and pets.
  • Easy application.
  • It also has disinfectant properties.
  • Smells pleasant and fresh, unlike most repellents that leave an unpleasant odor.
  • A humane way to solve the problem of rat infestation.


Desiring a safe and harmless product comes with its challenges and compromises. Let us look at some things that the Magic Mouse Repellent does not do right so that you can decide whether you can work with them.

  • Only effective when used in a high concentration. 
  • Reapplication is required regularly, and the effect can be very short-lived.
  • The problem is not eliminated as the rodents move to a location where the product is not applied.
  • It may not work for every species of mice.

Customer Feedback | Mouse Magic Repellent Reviews

One of the many happy customers that loved the product and found it efficient at its designated purpose took their time to express their satisfaction through this review. They mention, “We also place bird feeders outside because we live in a rural area. And so there are aluminum cans with bird seed in our garage. Mice got inside the garage door by gnawing through the rubber seal at the bottom, settling in places we couldn’t see but could smell.

We placed half a dozen of these pads in the garage after thoroughly cleaning it, and so far, nothing has been found there in the way of hair, droppings, or hide. The scent of the product resembles peppermint in some ways. Slightly overpowering at first but not unpleasant. This item does work!”

Another satisfied customer stated they got great results for a different location and enjoyed the pleasant smell. In their words, “Given that we live in a region with a large rodent population, my family used this last winter in our pop-up camper. There were no rodents inside our camper, which is the only thing I can say about it besides the fact that it smells okay and might leave an oil stain where you put it. Although they are somewhat expensive for what they are (sawdust-like filling with peppermint oil and other such things), they worked, so we bought more of them.”

On the other hand, this buyer, a pet owner, had some concerns with other repellents in the market and went for the Magic Mouse, but to their utter disappointment, it did not work for them. They said, “I was positive that I wanted to avoid using anything hazardous since I have pets. I also purchased this because I didn’t want to be insensitive to the poor mice. I continue to find indications of mice all over my garage despite the scent’s supposed ability to repel them.”

And similarly, this buyer had a severely adverse reaction after mice wreaked havoc and claimed that the product attracts mice rather than repelling them. They say, “I woke up to an awful scene of heaps of discarded peppermint leaves and shredded fibers. In less than a day after I added them to my car, they were all destroyed, leaving me with a massive mess to clean up. These are ineffective at keeping mice away. They are the complete opposite.”

FAQs | Magic Repellent Reviews

When can I go for mice repellents?

Mice repellents can be considered when the infestation is still small and can be controlled, or you want a short-term solution that might be handy for vacations. 

How long does the Mouse Magic last?

The product is claimed to last 30 days by the brand, although results may differ.

Can Mouse Magic be used outside?

Mouse magic comes in sachets and hence can be relatively ineffective outdoors; therefore not generally recommended. Instead, repellents in the form of granules are used for this purpose, and you can look within the brand to find if they have products.

Closure | Mouse Magic Repellent Reviews

You certainly cannot keep your health and hygiene at stake and do not inhumane treatment of rodents, and we hope this article has provided you with just what you need. A common problem in many urban and rural homes, and we managed to cover one of the solutions for the same. You can certainly leave your worries when you use this product, and we have also mentioned the drawbacks so that you can understand whether it meets your needs. You can also learn about other types of repellents with some time and research and generally become an informed buyer. We hope you have a great shopping experience. 

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