7 Ways to Get Rid Of Flies In Your House [Complete Steps]

Houseflies are probably the most common pests, and though they might not seem to be a significant threat, negligence would only lead to infestations. These miniature creatures are not only a nuisance while buzzing around the house but are potential disease carriers. As a result, it is important to preserve hygienic conditions within the house to keep them away for good. 

7 Ways to Get Rid Of Flies In Your House

Flies can reproduce extremely fast and hence infestations are also an ever-present problem. Initial signs of an infestation would be a visible increase in the number of houseflies in and around the house. Other signs would be the presence of larvae and the breeding material from which they pupate in crevices and corners around the house. Their numbers would also induce an increase in their buzzing noise. Once you have determined that your house is indeed troubled by these pests, you must expedite the sanitizing and extermination process and mitigate the risks of disease spreading.

In this article, I have enlisted 7 ways in which you can get rid of flies, keeping your house clean in the process. 

7 Ways to Keep Your House Free of Flies

Remove Garbage Sources

Needless to mention, open food sources, dirty dishes, open trash cans, compost bins, and dead and decaying organic matter are all food sources for flies. Eliminate any such source or keep them in an airtight container to prevent houseflies from inhabiting them.

Thoroughly cleaning up the house and vulnerable places like the bathroom, kitchen, and nooks and crannies will also keep the surroundings hygienic and keep away flies at the same time.

Mosquito Nets

Since windows and doors are the primary inlets for aerial pests like flies, fishing mosquito nets can be an excellent choice to keep them away. The best place to install them would be on the kitchen and bathroom windows and doors, but keeping them elsewhere will also deter them from entering the house.    

mosquito net
Source: Unicef

Vinegar and Dish Soap Traps

One of the most effective ways to get rid of houseflies naturally is using vinegar and dish soap traps. Its working is rather easy as the sweet vinegar mix lures the flies, and the heavy dish soap traps and suffocates them. This trap is extremely simple to make and it can save you a lot of trouble. To make your own trap follow these steps:

Take a shallow bowl and fill it with apple cider vinegar and a tablespoon of sugar. Ensure that the vinegar is not more than around an inch level. Now add some dish soap into the same bowl. A fruit or sweet (possibly vanilla) smelling soap is recommended in order to act as an even more functional bait. Another optional step is to cover the utensil tightly with plastic wrap and poke a few holes for the flies to be attracted and enter. Once done, place the trap in the middle of the room to lure houseflies.   

vinegar dish soup

Natural Oils Repellent

Natural oils are effective not only in warding off a variety of pests including houselfies, gnats and mosquitoes, but also in giving your house a sweet fragrance. You can combine oils like Citronella oil, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Neem and lemongrass and mix them with rubbing alcohol or water and fill them in a spray bottle. 

The scent given off by this mix would serve the opposite of pungent odors and deter pests as they would sense a hygienic environment which is not the optimal breeding ground. You might have noticed some insect-killing sprays which have additional ingredients like Lemongrass and Neem which, as I explained, further inhibits flies and other pests to inhabit even nearby spaces.    

Salt and Turmeric mix

Since the kitchen produces a lot of organic waste daily, it is quite vulnerable to house flies that may contaminate fresh ingredients and cooked items all the same. Salt and turmeric are two common cooking ingredients that can help prevent this. 

Turmeric powder

Mix equal parts of salt and turmeric and sprinkle this onto your kitchen slab and in some nooks and crannies like beneath the kitchen basin and the drainage pipe. This smell keeps pests like house flies away and your kitchen free of contamination. 

Adhesive Tape

Adhesive tapes are non-toxic, odourless and cheap alternatives to combat the housefly problem. Simply rolling and hanging strips of it in the vicinity of spots commonly frequented by flies will attract and trap them in the adhesive material. Though some tapes might already smell sweet, you can make them further potent by rubbing some honey or sugar water on them.

Orange Peels

A lot of us love eating oranges, and they provide a bunch of vitamins and minerals essential for nutrition. However, they are useful beyond that, quite like the neem tree where every part is useful. Orange peels can help repel all kinds of bugs including flies due to the citrus extract present in them.

orange peels


As I mentioned earlier, a lot of repellents have oil and other extracts, and citrus extracts are a common additive in them. Lemon is almost a staple scent among such sprays, and all of it simply boils down to citric acid. Orange peels contain citric acid, and as a result leaving fresh peels on the windowsills, doors, or any fly hotspots will work wonders. The dried-out peels should be replaced to retain their potency.

A variety of options are available to deter pests and keep the house clean and infection-free. I have mentioned a handful, but you have to see what suits you best to derive your preferred alternatives. For instance, if you have an allergy to citrus fruits, it is probably best to avoid leaving orange peels around the house. Moreover, maintaining a clean household will automatically restrict pests from frequenting your house. 

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