Dynatrap VS Mosquito Magnet | Determining The Best Option

Mosquitoes will never leave your company whatever happens. But there must be some solution to get rid of this painful bond. Yes, several types of mosquito repellants provide the purpose and help we are looking for. Not only mosquitoes but also other insects create many problems in the house. There should be an appropriate solution to the problems of having many insects at the place. The study of Dynatrap VS Mosquito Magnet may help you know how to get rid of the insects from home.

Dynatrap VS Mosquito Magnet

The presence of insects spoils our abodes’ interiors, their cleanliness and creates many health problems. The health problems sometimes become deadly also. Then it becomes complicated to control the situation. So, there has to be an early solution ready for the problem. The keys should be prepared to kill the insects from the place, making it a safe place to live. Both Dynatrap and Mosquito Magnet promise to do the same effectively. But who is the most effective of all? Let’s find that out.

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Dynatrap VS Mosquito Magnet | The Winner Is?

Dynatrap and Mosquito Magnet are both practical solutions to kill mosquitoes quickly. Mosquito Magnet is mainly created to eliminate mosquitoes, while Dynatrap isn’t restricted to mosquitoes. It can kill all types of insects and pests. Dynatrap is primarily an insect trap for flying insects with beautiful features associated with it. Mosquitoes reproduce continuously, and for this process, they need our blood. So, they are often found to bite humans, especially during warm weather. Thus, this report on Dynatrap VS Mosquito Magnet will help us understand the process and which one is the best among them.

Dynatrap uses UV Light bulbs and carbon dioxide fumigators to kill the insects by trapping them in the machine. The heat present inside the system kills the insects. Mosquito Magnet poses to be an effective solution to kill mosquitoes also using carbon dioxide. But here, the carbon dioxide is created by the propane present in it to kill the mosquitoes using a controlled combustion method. Other criteria that differentiate Dynatrap and Mosquito Magnet have been discussed below.

Mechanism of The Systems

The mechanism of Dynatrap is simple. The UV Light bulbs present in the Dynatrap attract insects. Mosquitoes bite us by having a check on our carbon dioxide exhalation. Similarly, carbon dioxide is released in the machine to which mosquito gets attracted. When they come nearer to the system, they get sucked or pulled by the intense air inside. The excess heat in the system then kills them.

In the case of Mosquito Magnet, the working is the same initially but changes afterward. The propane present in it releases carbon dioxide by combustion. Then, octenol gets generated after the carbon dioxide leaves the system. The mixture of carbon dioxide and octenol makes a potent mixture for the mosquitoes to get attracted. This is present at the central nozzle, and there is a creation of massive suction towards the output nozzle. This process is called counterflow technology. Then, they get trapped inside a net present in the system and die due to dehydration.

Cleaning Method

The cleaning in both Dynatrap and Mosquito Magnet is easy. In the Dynatrap, first, the retaining cage is removed with the help of a screwdriver after unplugging the system. Then, it would help if you collected the dead insects and other dust. With the assistance of a brush, you can clean the trap correctly. Then it is fitted inside the system again perfectly.

In the case of a Mosquito Magnet, the cleaning is done by replacing the system’s net. Within a duration of 24 hours, the mosquitoes from the net can be collected outside, and then the net has to be replaced. The machine can start working with the same process again.

Mosquito Magnet

Area Coverage

The area coverage is more excellent for Mosquito Magnet as compared to Dynatrap. Dynatrap has a good area coverage. But, Mosquito Magnet has greater than Dynatrap and catches a large number of mosquitoes. In this way, the catching of mosquitoes can be easier and quicker with the help of a Mosquito Magnet.

Indoor and Outdoor

Dynatrap can be used both inside and outside the house by placing it at the center of the region to increase the coverage area. But, Mosquito Magnet is restricted to outdoors only. You can’t use them inside a house. So, it depends on your need, what type of mosquito killer you want.


The price of Dynatrap is less as compared to Mosquito Magnet. Mosquito Magnet is a bit expensive. Also, there has to be a propane tank replacement every month. The price of a propane tank is also a bit high, and getting it every month will cost you more charges. You have to make a choice accordingly.

DynaTrap DT2000XLPSR Large Mosquito & Flying Insect Trap – Kills Mosquitoes, Flies, Wasps, Gnats, & Other Flying Insects – Protects up to 1 Acre
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Dynatrap VS Mosquito Magnet | Customer Reviews

Noel has mentioned that the Dynatrap insect trap is a blessing for him. The mechanism it uses to kill the insects and the system it has is incredible. This is one of the best insect traps. He has also mentioned that he can now enjoy his tea without any disturbance by the mosquitoes.

Audiophile Mb has reviewed the Dynatrap as one of the best insect traps. The UV light mechanism and the carbon dioxide fumigator work well. There were a bunch of dangerous insects in the house. But, with the help of Dybatrap insect trap, the house was perfectly free from the insects.


Dhambrick has mentioned that the Mosquito Magnet kills the mosquitoes in large numbers. Although the machine requires a bit of maintenance, the mechanism, working of the system and the results are excellent. 

Mosquito magnet results

Kevin has said that the assembling of the Mosquito Magnet machine is easy. The task of cleaning the same is also easy. There is no need for extra work to do. The device has perfect features and properties that serve the requirement.

FAQs | Dynatrap VS Mosquito Magnet

What is the most effective mosquito trap among these two?

Both Dynatrap and Mosquito Magnet are effective mosquito traps. But the coverage and killing of insects in large numbers are present in the Mosquito Magnet. Hence, the Mosquito Magnet is more effective than Dynatrap.

Is Mosquito Magnet any good?

If the setting up of the system is proper and should be placed at the right place, then the Mosquito’s working is excellent. The killing of the mosquitoes takes place at a more incredible pace. Yes, it is suitable for capturing and killing mosquitoes.

Does the Dynatrap work?

Dynatrap works with two mechanisms. One is a UV light bulb that is more efficient at night or evening. During the daytime, the carbon dioxide emissions serve the purpose of the machine. The killing of insects takes place after that with the use of excessive heat in the system.

Where do you put DynaTrap?

Dynatrap should be placed at the center of the region where insects are present. It should be placed three to six feet above the ground so that the flying insects can be captured quickly and killed thereafter.

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Conclusion | Dynatrap VS Mosquito Magnet

Dyatrap and Mosquito Magnet are effective systems for trapping and killing mosquitoes. The study of Dynatrap VS Mosquito Magnet has made it clear that the initial process of both systems is similar. The overall strategy at the end is also identical, i.e., dehydration. But the mechanism that takes place to kill the mosquitoes varies in both of these.

Dynatrap can be used both indoors as well as outdoors. But, Mosquito Magnet can be used only outside the house. Several other criteria differentiate the Dynatrap and Mosquito Magnet. The requirements have been mentioned above with explanations. However, the comparative study of both of these systems shows that Mosquito Magnet is more effective than Dynatrap if only mosquitoes are your worry.

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