5 Vegetables Which Can be Grown Easily

Are you (in love/obsessed) with gardening?  We are here to help you out with tips and tricks for growing vegetables in lesser efficient and pocket-friendly ways.

Maintaining a home garden have a different kind of pleasure, but it seems like lots of effort has to be put in. But the perks of having a home garden will settle down all the efforts.

Below are the vegetables which are suitable for gardening or in a small space.


Looking for maintaining good physic? This is one of the helpful vegetables for dietary and weight loss. Most probably, cucumber is grown in the summer season. It must be grown in full sunlight. Cucumber is high in nutrition. It only contains 16 calories in one cup of cucumber and is highly rich in vitamin K, C, A.

Everyone is familiar with the freshness of cucumber as every group of people, right from children to elderly person love to eat cucumber on a heated sunny day. It also provides glucose to the body. Having such benefits and easy to grow, this vegetable is perfect for home gardening. Cucumber is also advisable to be eaten by people suffering from high blood sugar levels as it helps maintain sugar levels in the body.


Remember our ancestors bragging about the benefits of spinach? But no doubt there’s nothing wrong said about it. Spinach is very high in vitamins, minerals, calcium, iron and various benefits. The good thing about spinach is that it grows very easily and takes a very short time to grow. On average, spinach takes only 2 to 3 weeks to grow. Any person looking for weight loss or detoxicating their body will swear by the results of spinach as it is low in calories and amalgamation of loads of benefits. Mostly spinach is grown in spring and cool weather. Growing spinach does not require lots of water and maintenance as well. Only precautions are to be taken against root rots and pests. With so much ease, spinach is one of the easiest and important vegetables. It is suggested to grow spinach in your backyard or pots.

Spring Onion:

Having Asian and Chinese food without spring onion seems incomplete. It is also known as scallions. Spring onion plays an important role in day-to-day cooking as it is very easy to grow by beginners of gardening. It does not take a lot of effort for maintenance, and it grows as quickly as in 6 weeks and even does not requires lots of space. It can be grown in a pot as well. It can be grown in the cool, spring and summer seasons as well. As spring onion is high in vitamin c in builds our immunity stronger. With all these benefits, it is highly recommended to grow spring onion. The green part of spring onion is also used as chive or herbs in any part of the world.


Mint, best known as menthe, belongs to herbs, but surprisingly, it is considered a vegetable. Mint holds a lot of place in Ayurveda. Mint is used for various medicinal purposes, especially issues related to the respiratory system. Mint takes 8 to 10 weeks to grow. As it requires very little attention as it is antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, it is used for fighting with infection of common cold and flu. Mint grows in a sunny location. The only maintenance needed for growing mint is to water them regularly. It can be grown in pots very easily. It is highly aromatic in nature. Some times color of mint differs. It can vary in colors(dark green, grey-green, purple, blue to pale yellow). There are more than 65 species of mint. It is also used as natural room fresheners in small villages and towns. It is advisable to grow mint.


     Basically, tomato belongs to the family of berries. But without tomatoes, there is hardly any dish which can be prepared. From cooking curries to pasta, tomatoes are essential. Tomatoes are filled with many dietary sources of antioxidants which are directly linked to many health benefits. Tomato soup on a cold, cozy day provides us that warmness which we look for. There is hardly any salad prepared without tomatoes. Tomatoes grow within a time span of only 2 months. Usually, tomato grows in summer or summer annual, i.e., in June and July. It requires minimum sunlight of 6 to 8 hrs. a day; growing tomatoes outdoor is as easy as growing like any other vegetable. The fun fact about tomatoes is that tomatoes can not only be red, but tomatoes of yellow, green, purple, pink, black as well as in white color are found. Tomatoes can be grown easily in the backyard.

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