CSA: Community Supported Agriculture!

WHEN YOU BECOME A Community Supported Agriculture MEMBER, you become a partner in the farm. Joining a CSA is like getting a magazine subscription; you join up front, and then receive a portion of what the farm produces every week. Some weeks you may get less, some you may get more- it all depends on the season and what’s coming in at the moment! Paying up front provides the capital the farm needs at the beginning of the season, and guarantees you fresh, seasonal produce in the heart of the growing season. As a CSA member, you also directly support our youth, adult, and community education programs and bringing fresh, local food to your community!

For images of our 2016-2017 CSA shares, please check out our Instagram page!


Choose from one of our 3 Pick up Locations:

Shambhala Yoga and Dance

Mondays 5p-8p

367 St Marks Ave

The Youth Farm

Wednesdays 2:30p-6:30p

(during the Farmers Market)

61 Local *flower shares only

Fridays 5p-8p

61 Bergen St

Become a Member!

Shares are closed for the 2017 season.

Stay tuned for info on our 2018 CSA season coming soon…

Vegetable CSA

The Youth Farm produces fresh, organic, and affordable food for the community. In 2016, the Youth Farm grew over 80 varieties of vegetable crops and harvested over 15,000 pounds of fresh produce. We follow sustainable farming practices and do not use any synthetic pest or pathogen controls, or genetically modified seed. We are proud to offer our high quality produce at an affordable price to our community.

The Youth Farm offers a 20 week program, beginning June 12th through October 25th*. Shares are harvested the morning of pick-up and will include 6-12 vegetables and herbs every week. We offer two pick-up sites; days and times listed above. Vegetable shares are $515 for the season and you may pay up front, or in two installments. First payments and registration forms are due June 1st. If you can’t use a whole share or are going away for part of the season, share your share with someone else, or donate your share while you’re gone. We are not able to offer half shares at this time. *There will be no share the week of Labor Day.

Membership granted on a first come first serve basis. CSA membership is not tax deductible.

Flower CSA

Our specialty cut flowers are grown organically and bring beauty, beneficial pollinators, and a new educational tool to the Youth Farm. The Youth Farm was the first urban farm in NYC to offer a flower CSA and we are proud and excited to be heading into our 7th season growing flowers for our Brooklyn community! We grow 60 different varieties of flowers on the farm, from old favorites such as Sunflowers, Zinnias and Snapdragons, as well as some lesser-known classics like Larkspur, Agrostemma, and Scabiosas. Our bouquets also feature ornamental grasses and flowering perennials.

The Youth Farm offers a 17 week program, beginning June 19th through October 13th*. Shares are harvested the morning of pick-up and are arranged into beautiful bouquets of a variety of our seasonal blooms. We offer three pick-up sites; days and times are listed above.  Flower shares are $215 for the season and payment is due in full by June 1st. If you can’t pick-up your share, you can have a friend pick-up your bouquet or donate it! *There will be no share the week of Labor Day.

Membership granted on a first come first serve basis. CSA membership is not tax deductible.


    Sample Spring share

  • Pea shoots & salad greens
  • Garlic scapes
  • Sugar Snap & snow peas
  • Lavender & sage
  • Pink beauty radishes
  • Hakurei turnips
  • Tatsoi


Sample Summer share

  • Heirloom & cherry tomatoes
  • Fairytale eggplant
  • Lacinato kale
  • Rainbow chard
  • King Richard leeks
  • Hot & sweet pepper mix
  • Cucumber
  • Sweet potato greens

FullSizeRender-2Sample Fall share

  • Collard greens
  • Red Giant mustard greens
  • Chives & parsley
  • Thyme & thai basil
  • Sugar pumpkin
  • Italian white garlic
  • Red & yellow potatoes
  • Green beans
  • White onion
  • Spicy salad mix
  • Sugarsnax carrots

The Youth Farm is a proud partner of The CSA Charter and agrees to operate according to the charter’s principles and guidelines.

Charter for CSAs in the USA and Canada

Each CSA farm community will be governed by these principles:

1. Farm members will buy directly from the farm or group of farms, with no middleman. Members will forge a strong cooperative connection with farmers and the land and acquire a deep understanding of how food is grown in their locale.

2. The farm will provide members with high quality, healthy, nutrient-dense, fresh or properly preserved, low fossil-fuel food or fiber — primarily grown on the farm or, if purchased from other farms, clearly identified as to origin.

3. The farm’s production methods will respect ecosystems and biodiversity, natural seasonal cycles, and cultural legacies; will build healthy soils, restore soil carbon, conserve water, and minimize environmental pollution; will include proper handling methods to ensure that produce is fresh, tasty, and nutritious, and that all health and safety concerns are addressed; and will use locally-adapted seeds and breeds to the extent possible. Farmers will consult and communicate with members about which crops will be grown and how farm operations are progressing.

4. Through signed agreements, good-faith solidarity efforts, and at least partial pre-payments (as little as two weeks’ worth for SNAP beneficiaries), farmers and members will jointly assume the inherent risks of farming and enjoy the fruits of the farm.

5. CSA prices will strike a fair balance so that people can afford memberships, farmers can cover costs of production and make a good living, and farm workers can receive decent wages and benefits and live with dignity.

6. Farmers, farm workers, and members will pursue socio-economic inclusiveness and commit to furthering the international CSA movement and its ideals.