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Our Field Trips will begin again in April!  Please complete our request form below for Spring and Summer trips.

Is your group studying agricultural and food justice issues?
Just want to get your group active in an outdoor setting?

As in 2016, The Youth Farm will again be partnered with The Brooklyn Greenhouse, to bring you hands-on learning STEAM based learning experiences on the farm. East Flatbush-based husband and wife Janelle and Mark developed this company to create meaningful enriching experiences for groups of all types and ages, and can design a tour or workshop on the farm that suits your group’s interests.

Examples of our Farm-Based Learning Tours and Workshops:

  • 5 Senses Tour of the Youth Farm: Explore the Farm and healthy eating through the five senses!
  • Exploring STEM Careers through Farming: Students will explore the chemistry, engineering and biology knowledge required for farming, through hands-on activities.
  • 4th Grade Science State Exam Outdoor Prep: Have your students review the Water Cycle, Plant Lifecycle and other key concepts using practical hands-on activities at the farm.
  • Compost: Fixing a World of Waste! Learn how composting works, see the magic of compost and why it can help solve many environmental problems, help create and distribute compost and play a fun compost learning game.
  • From Field to Plate: Your group will rotate from exploring soil and crops growing, to harvesting, and finally preparing a fresh and tasty meal using farm produce.
  • Healing Plants: Your group will tour the farm and discover examples of nature’s natural remedies and medicines for common ailments, as well as engage in some basic medicine making.
  • Urban Agriculture and Food Justice: Learn about sustainable agriculture in the city and how it relates to systematic inequalities in access to quality food and health issues.
  • General Farm Tour: Learn about The Youth Farm’s history, crops, farmers, and programs through a walking tour guided by farmers.

To inquire about a farm tour or guided workshop, please contact Janelle at:


Please fill out our online group trip request form: click HERE to fill out the request form.

All trip fees are based on a sliding scale to be able to provide participatory learning opportunities to all.