What do I need to bring to volunteer?

Please come prepared to do physical work. Please bring a nourishing snack or lunch and and a water bottle. You must wear appropriate clothing (that can get dirty) and shoes (meaning shoes that do not have any part of your foot exposed, and have a sturdy sole. Please note sandals, Toms, and Keds are NOT work shoes). Please bring your own sun protection.

Is there water/bathrooms on site?

Yes, we have water for drinking on the farm. Please bring your own water bottle. We use the school bathrooms during field trips and volunteer days. To use the bathroom you will need to go through school scanning and/or be accompanied by a farm staff person.

Who runs the farm?

The Youth Farm is a program of Green Guerillas in partnership with the High School for Public Service/NYC Department of Education. Our programs are run by part-time consultants with Green Guerillas and volunteer staff.

What happens to the food produced on the farm?

Our produce is distributed and marketing in a variety of ways, from Go Green classes in school to Farmers Markets on site, to weekly CSA shares and restaurant deliveries in Brooklyn. Youth practice cooking with our produce alongside discussions around nutrition and food justice throughout the school year and during our Summer Youth program.

I’m a reporter/journalist/photographer. Could I come and interview you/shoot a video?

We believe that press can help to highlight food justice issues and support our farm. Please contact TKTK and pitch your idea. Please note: we are partnered with the Department of Education, and all requests for video footage and photos must first be approved. We recommend making your pitch at least 2 weeks in advance.  We ask for your permission to use reports, articles and photos for promotion. Please note that to take pictures on site you will also need permission of farm staff and must obtain permission forms and photo release forms for any youth under the age of 18.

I’m a student and want to do a report/study your project, how do I learn more?

We are happy to have students learn and report on our programs. We suggest you first read over our entire blog, and then come to volunteer on the farm. While you’re here you can ask any questions you have. Please note that to take pictures on site you will first need permission from staff and must obtain photo release forms from anyone in the pictures.